Top 10 - Best Landline Phones of 2024

Looking for the best landline phone? Discover our top 10 recommendations of the year.

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We have been selling landline telephones since before the first iPhone was released and whilst they may not be the household essential they once were landline phones are still used by millions of homes and business’ across the UK.

As self-proclaimed experts in Landline Phones we are uniquely placed to offer advice and guidance on what to look out for. No other online retailer hand-tests and rigorously assesses the merits of one model over another, or one brand over another. We speak to 1,000s of customers every week and undertake a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey throughout the year to gain even more insight into long term usage. The result of all this hard work is this round-up of the Best Landline Phones of the year! This is a live piece of work and is often updated throughout the year as and when we test new models or receive feedback about the most current telephones.

  1. Best All-Round Phone: Gigaset C575A
  2. Best Home Phone for Elderly: Gigaset E390A
  3. Best Phone for VoIP: Gigaset S700A
  4. Best Budget Phone (Under £50): Gigaset A690A
  5. Best Business/Home Office Phone: Gigaset Fusion
  6. Best Long Range Phone: Gigaset C575A Long Range
  7. Best Robust Phone: Gigaset E630A
  8. Best for Call Blocking: BT Premium Phone
  9. Best Corded Phone: Panasonic KX-TGF320
  10. Best Multi-Handset Cordless Phone: Panasonic KX-TGH724
Are landline phones being phased out?

You may have been contacted by your landline provider or heard in the news that the UK will be upgrading its telephone network. What does this actually mean? Put simply, from 2025, instead of the old copper network that is in place right now all landline calls will go through broadband lines instead.  The majority of users will experience a seamless transition, but there may be individuals who require new equipment or assistance to adapt to these modifications.

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Why should you trust us?

Unlike a lot of other review sites online that create
listicles without ever having laid eyes on (let alone used or tested) the landline phones in question, we hold physical stock allowing us to thoroughly review and test each model. We also conduct customer surveys throughout the year to get feedback from people who have purchased and have a long-term
insight into reliability and performance, which also forms part of our selection process. Our reputation is extremely important to us and our list is
updated throughout the year as and when we test new models and/or get additional feedback from end users.

So, read on to discover our top picks!

Best All Round Phone:

Best Home Phone for Elderly and Hard of Hearing:

Best Phone for VoIP:

Best Budget Phone (under £50):

Best Business/Home Office Phone:

Best Long Range Phone:

Best Robust Phone:

Best Phone for Call Blocking:

Best Corded Phone:

Best Multi-Handset Cordless Phone: