The Gigaset S850A is a premium new cordless phone for landline with integrated answering machine. It boasts exceptional sound, outstanding build quality, an array of top-range features to take advantage of, and is expandable up to 6 handsets.

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Complete with a high-quality full colour display and Bluetooth, the S850A is feature-packed cordless phone as much suited for business as it is for home use.

Design & build

Out of the box, the S850A looks and feels like a top-quality product and underscores the first-rate German build quality. The base station is a very plain black plastic box, however, unlike most cordless phones is completely separate from the handset and designed to be hidden away and kept out of sight (it doesn't double up as a charger and has only one button to locate the handset if misplaced). So simply plug it into your telephone line and forget about it.


The handset has a pleasing shape and feel to the touch. I prefer the style of the separate tactile keys, which are a reasonable size and well placed. They feature a metallic like finish, which is pleasing to the touch and are backlit. The large LCD colour display is clear and the user-interface is easy to navigate.

As with all Gigaset phones, the S850A has been made at their factory in Bocholt Germany and comes with a 2 year warranty as standard. You notice a difference in the quality between cheaper alternatives and even similarly priced models from BT or Panasonic.


Setting up the Gigaset S850A is more or less plug-and-play and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. If you have multiple handsets then you may need to pair these to the base station of the phone but this is a straightforward process that takes less than a minute. There are on-screen prompts to guide you through the process and the instructions are fairly easy to follow (and you can always call us for assistance).


There is a short hard copy of the user manual included with the phone, which is well presented and has an index for reference.

Sound quality

Gigaset phones typically perform well when it comes to sound quality and the S850A is no exception. We tested the call quality landline to landline, mobile to landline, and over VoIP through the earpiece and on loudspeaker and experienced zero distortion or interference. In short you won't find a phone with better sound quality. The clarity of voice is excellent and the range of volume is more than adequate for anyone who doesn’t have a hearing impairment.

Buy now: Gigaset S850A from £74.99


Most home cordless phones purport to provide up to 50 metres range indoors and up to 300 metres outdoors because they are quoting the capabilities of the DECT technology used to provide the wireless connectivity between handset and base (and in actual fact a lot of cheaper models provide nowhere near this range at all). The Gigaset S850A gave us close to the maximum range both indoors and outdoors when we tested and should provide enough coverage for most homes. On the plus side the base is also repeater compatible (unlike BT phones) so it is possible to extend the range if needed.

Additional features

Feature-wise the S850A is equipped with a long list of features some of which the casual home phone will never look at let alone use. Simply put it has all the features and settings you would expect and need from a modern home phone (and then some), which are easy to take advantage of for anyone who so desires. Some of the additional benefits are listed below:

  • Compatible with the Gigaset Contacts Push app to transfer contacts from your Smartphone.
  • The handset can also be connected via micro-USB (located conveniently at the bottom) to a PC or Laptop to use with QuickSync for updating your phonebook
  • Handsfree via integrated full-duplex loudspeaker or by connecting a compatible headset (via Bluetooth or 2.5mm socket).
  • Picture Caller ID if you are subscribed to Caller ID (pictures will need to be imported from your PC, which can be time consuming if you wish to do it for all contacts).
  • Nuisance call blocking to combat unwanted disturbances from cold callers.


The Gigaset S850A is our top-rated cordless phone of 2017 striking the perfect balance between price and quality. It offers the same features, sound quality, and range as Gigaset’s SL range of premium cordless phones without the hefty price tag, and outshines the competition from similarly priced models from BT and Panasonic by a long shot. You won’t get better sound quality on a landline phone, it’s easy to use, and looks great!