The Viking Scout 12x30 Image Stabilised (IS) Binoculars are certainly the most advanced release within the Viking range. The use of the latest image stabilising technology maintains a consistently steady image. Furthermore, the Viking Scout IS binoculars provide a powerful magnification which makes it an optimal choice for any bird watching activities. These binoculars are certainly impressive with the features available and the level of performance that they offer.

The design features and overall build that the Viking Scout IS offers are specifically useful for all avid birdwatchers. The inclusion of multi-coated and phase-coated optics ensures that the image appears bright and defined. In addition to this, the twist-down eyecups and long eye-relief ensure that the user remains comfortable during use. Viking have been able to strike a fantastic balance between the quality and the overall functionality that these binoculars offer.

Purchasing a new pair of binoculars is not always an easy decision. We understand this and want to make sure you have all the information possible. Thankfully, our team of experts have been able to put these binoculars to the test. This review aims to take an in-depth view of the Viking Scout 12x30 IS Binoculars.


Design and Build 


The Viking Scout IS Binoculars offer a fairly unique design which may raise some eyebrows at first glance. These binoculars move away from the fairly large and wide lenses that you would normally expect. Instead the Viking Scout provides full-sized oculars within a compact polycarbonate frame. This unique design allows for the user to make easy adjustments at any time. This includes a swivel system that ensures the binoculars can freely rotate to find the optimal position.

Despite the rather unique looking design, the Viking Scout feels and looks similar to many binoculars currently available. It maintains the lightweight and compact build design that many Viking products offer. This ensures that the binoculars are extremely portable and convenient for traveling with. Perfect for those long days spent watching the birds and hiking around.

Everything feels incredibly balanced without compromising on any of the quality. Features such as the focusing wheel perform exceptionally well and allow for the user to make effortless changes. Being able to make these quick changes to the focus when out spotting birds is crucial. This certainly feels like a high-quality product in every aspect.

There is one major design feature which is unique to the Viking Scout and imperative to how it functions. Of course, this is the Image Stabilising system. It is important to note that this requires two AAA batteries to operate. However, you are able to turn this feature on or off at any given time. Simply flicking the nearby switch will active the image stabilising mode for these binoculars. This will now stabilise the binoculars and provide a consistently steady viewable image. Furthermore, you do not need to keep pressing down on this button during use. A power saving mode will activate when the binoculars are not in use.

Viking Scout 12x30 IS Binoculars


It is clear that the Viking Scout IS offers a unique approach to the overall design of binoculars. The design and functionality that these binoculars offer certainly offer fantastic advantages - especially for avid birdwatchers. This provides a fantastic experience for the user. However, there are some limitations with the design of the Viking Scout.

For example, the Viking Scout IS binoculars do not offer features like the rubber-armour coating for increased durability. This feature typically helps provide the binoculars with some additional protection. However, thanks to the compact size of the binoculars, this should not impact how the Viking Scout operates. This does also mean that the binoculars are not waterproof and this is certainly worth noting.

The Viking Scout IS binoculars provide a design which is both unique and user-friendly. The key design feature here is the image stabilising mode which works efficiently and delivers fantastic results. If you are a keen birdwatcher, then this is certainly worth picking up. Features such as the ability to quickly adjust the focusing help contribute to how excellent the Viking Scout performs. Whilst it may not have every feature available, the Viking Scout excels at everything that it should.


Quality of Optics 


The next factor to consider with the Viking Scout IS binoculars is the level of quality that the optics offer. These binoculars strike a great balance between the powerful magnification and the fantastic image quality. The inclusion of multi-coated optics helps to provide an image which is both bright and clear. This helps to make the Viking Scout the perfect choice for any wildlife observation.

Throughout the testing process, the Viking Scout IS binoculars were able to provide some seriously impressive results. The combination of the multi-coated and phase-coated optics pair well to create a fantastic viewable image. There may be some colour fringing from time to time when using these binoculars. However, this takes nothing away from the overall quality that these binoculars provide. If you are looking for consistent and reliable results, then this is certainly a strong choice.

The Viking Scout IS offers a powerful 12x magnification zoom which is perfect for getting an in-depth look at subjects. Normally having such a strong magnification can be difficult to manage. However, this is where these binoculars really begin to shine. The image stabilising system is crucial for how these binoculars perform. You no longer need to worry about staying perfectly still when trying to track targets. Simply activate this feature on the binoculars and you are good to go.

Thanks to the simplicity of this feature, the Viking Scout feels suitable for all users regardless of their experience. Being able to achieve consistently still shots makes activities such as bird watching as straightforward as possible. Pairing this feature with the high-quality optics makes the Viking Scout an essential piece of kit. Perfect for use in all occasions and all environments thanks to the use of the latest technology.

Viking Scout 12x30 IS Binoculars


With all things considered, the Viking Scout IS binoculars deliver an incredibly impressive performance. The images appear bright (even in low-light conditions) and the image stabilising system works without flaw. The technology that these binoculars are utilising is overall very impressive and does exactly what it promises.

However, if you are someone that really wants to maximise the expected image quality, then there are still better options. For example, the Viking Peregrine ED and Viking Kestrel ED range provide the highest possible quality. This is possible through the inclusion of Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass which provides a picture perfect image. Though if you were to choose these options, then you would lose many of the features the Viking Scout offers. It really depends on what you are looking to get out of the binoculars that you buy.

Finally, the expected eye-relief and field-of-view (FOV) are the last points worth discussing. Due to the powerful magnification, the FOV available on the Viking Scout has some limitations. These binoculars are only able to offer an FOV at 5° which is fairly small and can feel quite restrictive. This does balance out the binoculars having such a powerful zoom available to them. These binoculars are certainly going to be most effective at a reasonable distance from your target. Furthermore, the eye-relief that the Viking Scout offers is 14mm which is more than enough to keep the user comfortable. This is particularly handy for long-term use as it avoids any potential eyestrain.




From everything that I have mentioned here, it is clear that the Viking Scout IS delivers an impressive performance. The image stabilising technology really steals the show with how efficient and accessible it is. Furthermore, the optics available with these binoculars provide excellent results. These factors combine well to create a truly fantastic product.

The inclusion of the multi-coated lenses helps maximise the image quality that the Viking Scout IS can offer. The use of the multi-coated lenses helps to increase the transmission of light through the binoculars. As more light travels through the binoculars, this results in the image appearing much brighter. This also allows for the Viking Scout IS to perform well in low-light conditions. The ability to perform in dark environments makes these binoculars perfect for use all year round.

The image stabilisation system is obviously the real selling point here. The IS system is simple to activate and even easier to use. Being able to quickly control the settings with the simple touch of the button is a real bonus. It is seriously impressive how still these binoculars will remain regardless of how much you move. Even using these binoculars on a boat or a bumpy road would yield the same results. This cements the Viking Scout IS binoculars as a fantastic addition for all occasions.

Viking Scout 12x30 IS Binoculars


The compact and lightweight build available with the Viking Scout IS Binoculars offers a wide range of advantages. This allows for the binoculars to be easily portable. This makes them a fantastic choice for those who are constantly on the move. Furthermore, this lightweight design makes this a suitable option for anyone regardless of age.

However, it is worth noting that this lightweight build takes nothing away from the overall quality available here. The Viking Scout IS binoculars feel great to hold and are fairly comfortable to use. The inclusion of features such as the twist-down eyecups are also a welcome feature. This helps to add some additional comfort to the user during use. This is certainly a welcome addition - especially when using these binoculars for long periods of time.

The Viking Scout IS offers a design which is both functional and smooth to operate. The focusing wheel present on these binoculars is extremely easy to adjust. Being able to quickly adjust the focusing wheel on the move feels great and delivers fantastic results. Even operating the Image Stabilising feature requires a simple touch of a button.

However, there are certain drawbacks to the Viking Scout IS design which can limit the performance. For example, many binoculars within the Viking range offer nitrogen within the lenses to prevent fogging. This sadly is not a feature available here and this can somewhat limit how effective these binoculars can be. In addition to this, the Viking Scout IS does not offer ED glass to help maximise the image quality. This design feature is typically available with high-end binoculars though sadly does not feature here.




The Viking Scout IS binoculars are clearly an incredibly high-quality product. The combination of powerful optics and the latest image stabilising technology ensures that these binoculars deliver great results. Viking established a new benchmark for intuitive design with this release.

These binoculars excel at everything that they should. The Image Stabilising technology operates extremely well and is easy to manage at any time. This feels necessary to get the most out of the powerful magnification that it offers. This technology delivers results which are consistently still and focused. Even if you were to use these binoculars on a boat, you would still find that they operate perfectly.

It does feel necessary to utilise the IS technology with these binoculars as holding the magnification steady can be challenging. Thankfully this is easy to activate and manage at any time. As previously mentioned, this feature only takes 2x AAA batteries to operate. You can expect to receive an estimated 12 hours battery life from the batteries before you need to change them.

Our experience with testing these binoculars out has been overwhelmingly positive. The results are not only high-quality, but consistent as well. The Viking Scout IS performs well in most conditions and environments. Even in low-light conditions you can expect to experience great results thanks to the multi-coated lenses. Activities such as birdwatching are a joy thanks to the assistance that the Viking Scout IS offers. If you are able to stretch your budget, then these binoculars are certainly worth the money.