The Yealink CP700 is a stylish new portable speakerphone designed to take the pain out of setting up conference calls. Yealink will be a familiar brand to anyone with experience in IP with their wired conference phones garnering them an excellent reputation so we were interested to find out if they succeeded in bringing this same premium quality to their portable range.

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Design & build

There is definitely a premium look and feel to the Yealink Portable Conferencing range with a high-grade metallic grille in the centre and touch controls that light up when the CP700 powers up.  A blue ring also appears around the speaker itself, which shows you the volume level at-a-glance and turns green to show when you are on a call.

The CP700 boasts a nifty little stand on the back so you can prop it up when you’re on a call, and there is a USB connection concealed in the underside should you need to connect to a laptop or PC without Bluetooth. 

In terms of weight, the CP700 comes in at 220g. It's light enough to be easily carried around in a backpack or laptop, but durable enough that it's not going to be easily damaged in transit. It also comes with a hard carry case to provide some extra protection.

Yealink CP700 Design

Sound quality

This is where the Yealink CP700 truly excels as the call quality was outstanding for a portable speaker of this size. We tested its performance in a sizeable conference room with three people and the microphone of the CP700  was able to pick up all participants clearly (without having to huddle round like some of the entry level alternatives from competitors). 

We found that using the stand really only helps it to pick up your voice more clearly and direct the audio if you’re using the speakerphone yourself or with one other person seated next to you. 

Naturally, the sound quality depends on more than just the speaker. You'll also need a steady internet connection or mobile reception to get the best out of the CP700 depending on what device and software you’re using to make calls. Generally speaking, though, we found that the CP700 offers great sound quality with audio clear at for all participants.

Yealink CP700 Sound Quality

Ease of use

One of the main advantages of a portable conference speaker is that they are really easy to use and the Yealink CP700 is no exception. The controls are simple to get to grips with and thoughtfully placed. The instructions are clear to follow if needed but it’s more or less plug-and-play, which is ideal. If you're pairing up via the USB cable, then all you need to do is plug it in and you're ready to go. For Bluetooth, just hold down the Bluetooth button for a couple of seconds to get it into pairing mode. The CP700 also includes a Bluetooth USB dongle, so you can use it with PCs that don't have Bluetooth connectivity.

Yealink CP700 Ease of Use

Yealink CP700 Portable Conference Speaker: The Verdict

The Yealink CP700 is an excellent portable conference speaker that is perfect for making and receiving small conference calls conveniently. With solid build quality, easy setup, and top-class sound performance that belies its small size, it's a great choice if you're looking for a personal conference speakerphone.