Enjoy the Top 10 Benefits of Bluetooth

Enjoy the Top 10 Benefits of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is an amazing form of wireless technology that has taken “hands-free” communications to a new level.  For those of you still fumbling around with just a handset, below is an introductory list of benefits you may be missing out on:

1.  Wireless

Wireless capability is Bluetooth’s claim to fame, making for a safer environment by eliminating those wires that do nothing but get in your way.  It also works great with laptop computers and other portable devices as there is no need to worry about connecting cables.

2.  Affordable

Despite its amazing functionality, the Bluetooth technology is actually inexpensive for developers to implement into their devices, resulting in cheaper costs which is passed down to you, the consumer.

3.  Easy Automation

With Bluetooth you don’t have to make any connections or tamper with any buttons.  Two or more Bluetooth-enabled devices can automatically communicate when coming within a range of up 30 feet of one another.

4.  The Wireless Standard

Bluetooth is the standardized wireless protocol, meaning that it is highly compatible with nearly any wireless device.  It has the ability to connect various devices to each other, even if they are not of same model or brand.

5.  Minimal Interference

Bluetooth-enabled devices offer excellent performance and are generally able to elude interference from the signals of other wireless devices.  This is made possible by the use of low power signals and an underlying technology called frequency hopping.

6.  Energy-efficient

Because the technology uses low power signals, Bluetooth requires a minimal amount of energy to function which results in less power consumption.  This is a great benefit for mobile device users as additional battery power allows them to enjoy longer talk times.

7.  Sharing of Data and Voice Communications

The protocol for Bluetooth is designed to enable compatible devices to share data and voice with each other.  This is what allows you to safely drive around town with a mobile phone in your pocket while carrying out the conversation on a headset.

8.  Your own Personal Area Network

Bluetooth technology has the ability to form a network with up to seven devices within a range of to 30 feet, allowing them to be connected to one another.  Multiple PANs can also be set up in a single room of users.

9.  Scalable

The protocol for Bluetooth allows it to be updated with ease.  These upgrades offer new features and are typically compatible with older forms.  Newer versions of the technology are currently being developed.

10.  Universal

Bluetooth represents a universal standard that is recognized throughout the world.  Because the technology is extremely popular, you can almost assure that your devices will be supported for years to come.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why Bluetooth has become the number one choice for hands-free communication. If you want to take advantage of this technology yourself, then we have a fantastic range of Bluetooth headsets to choose from!

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