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100 Years of Radio Design [Infographic]

100 Years of Radio Design [Infographic]

It might seem hard to believe, but commercial radio has now been around for a whole century. Back in 1919, Dutchman Hanso Idzerda put out an ad in his local newspaper to announce that he would be broadcasting a radio play the following day. From this small broadcast, a whole new form of media was born; one that's still going strong today.

Since 1919, the world has changed enormously- and radio design has continually moved with the times. From the Art Deco-inspired models of the 1920s and 30s, through to the bright colours and strange shapes of the 60s and 70s, radio design offers us a unique insight into the design trends of the day. After all, what other form of technology has managed to last for 100 years? Despite threats from TV, the internet, and music streaming services, the humble radio is still going strong. We're even seeing a return to the designs of yesteryear, as 1940s materials and styles come back into fashion.

To mark this milestone, we're taking a look back at how radio design has developed over the years. We've put together the following infographic to highlight some of the most important models ever built, as well as a few of our favourite radios that are a little more out-there. So, join us as we take a whistle-stop tour through 100 years of radio design, with plenty of fascinating facts to discover along the way!

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