How to Preset Stations on Roberts Radios

How to Preset Stations on Roberts Radios

The biggest advantage of DAB radio over FM is the sheer amount of choice that it has to offer. With each station broadcasting on a smaller bandwidth, there's room for a lot more of them. In some areas, there are up to four or five times as many digital stations as there are analogue ones. If you're lucky enough to have an internet-enabled radio, then there's even more choice available: tens of thousands of stations from across the globe!

But even with all that choice available, we each tend to have our go-to stations. Scrolling through everything to get to the one you want can be more than a little tedious. Thankfully, almost all Roberts radios come with a handy presets feature. This allows you to save your favourite stations for easy playback.

Some Roberts radios, such as the Blutune T2, have dedicated buttons for their first few station presets. Others, like the Revival RD70, have a single preset button, with the saved stations all stored within a separate menu. Admittedly, this is a little less convenient than one-touch preset buttons, but it at least allows you to prune out stations you aren't interested in and keep the ones you actually listen to.

However, the actual process of saving stations is the same regardless of the specific model- and best of all, it's incredibly simple to do. First of all, make sure your radio is tuned to the station you want to save. Then, press and hold the preset button. If your radio has multiple preset buttons, then hold the one for the slot where you want to save the station. If not, then you'll be taken to the list of full preset slots. Choose where you want to save this station, and press select.

After a few seconds, a message should pop up on your radio screen to tell you the station has been saved successfully. Should you want to overwrite a slot with a different station, just repeat the process. The new station will be saved in place of the old one. To recall saved stations from the presets menu, just press the preset button, and you'll be shown all your saved stations.

All Roberts DAB radios currently have FM functionality built in as well. Generally speaking, they also allow you to preset FM stations in exactly the same way as DAB stations. So, if you’ve got a favourite that’s not available on digital radio, you’ll still be able to access it quickly. Just be aware that it saves the frequency- so make sure you’re tuned in just right.

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