Pure Evoke C-D6 DAB Radio Review

Pure Evoke C-D6 DAB Radio Review

The Pure Evoke C-D6 is an all-in-one DAB radio and CD player. With Bluetooth connectivity and a smart design too, it seems like the complete package. But is it really worth your money? We put it to the test in another of our in-depth reviews. Read on to find out what our experts thought of it!

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Design & build

The C-D6 is part of Pure's signature Evoke range, and shares the same basic design as most other models in the lineup. The standard version comes with a real wood body, paired with a white front panel that houses both the speaker grilles and the controls. If you like things more monochrome, there's also an all-black version available. As with other Pure radios, it has a certain unobtrusive elegance to it which will help it fit in with all manner of different decors.

While the Pure Evoke H3 and H4 both include a full-colour screen, the C-D6's screen is monochrome. This makes sense given the CD player functionality- it's the same display you're probably already used to if you have a CD player with a screen. You're missing out on things like DAB radio station logos, but there's still plenty of room to fit the time, station name, and additional information like what's currently playing.

All of the controls are very clearly laid out on the front of the unit, making it extremely easy to use. One small touch, which we find makes a big difference, is the separate knobs for volume and tuning. Not only does this give you more precise control over the volume than you would get from buttons, but it also makes it easier to flick through stations to find what you're looking for.

Sound performance

What sets the Evoke C-D6 apart from smaller models in the Evoke range, such as the H3, is the fact that it boasts full stereo sound. Without this, you wouldn't be getting the most out of your CDs, but it also adds a whole new dimension to radio listening, too.

As with most larger speakers, the Evoke C-D6 really excels when it comes to bass. During testing, we found ourselves keeping the radio towards the lower end of the volume dial, given that we were using it in a smaller space. If you're looking for something that will comfortably fill a larger room without losing any of that bass kick, then the Evoke C-D6 is certainly a solid choice.

If we had to nitpick, then we'd mention that the treble of the C-D6 isn't quite as precise as the bass end of things. That's not to say that it's bad, just that we have heard more finely-tuned speakers in our time. That being said, we found that the C-D6's sound balance is just right for speech content; so if you like talk radio or podcasts, you're onto a winner here.


As with the rest of the Evoke range, the Pure C-D6 includes both DAB and FM radio modes. With both, there's the ability to save station presets. Three one-touch preset buttons let you instantly access your favourites, while a separate menu has space for twenty.

The Evoke C-D6 also works as a Bluetooth speaker, so you can listen to music or podcasts from your smartphone. This feature is nice and easy to set up; during testing, we had no trouble pairing it up with an iPhone, and it held the connection well. If you want to play content from a device without Bluetooth, then there's also a 3.5mm aux-in port on the back of the unit as well.

The real talking point here, though, is the addition of a CD player. While this might seem a little old-fashioned to some nowadays, CDs are still prized by audiophiles for their superior sound quality. Whether you are a dedicated disc listening, or just want a solid home hi-fi that will also let you rediscover all those old CDs you have around the house, this is a great feature to have. Lastly, the C-D6 comes with a remote control- always handy to have. It means you don't have to get up to change stations or skip a track on a CD that you aren't overly keen on.

The one thing missing here is internet radio and Spotify Connect. We'd normally expect these features from a radio of this price. To be fair, though, the addition of a CD player still makes the C-D6 good value for money. If you want everything this model offers with internet on top, then take a look at the Evoke C-F6.

Pure Evoke C-D6: The Verdict

The Pure Evoke C-D6 is a solid all-rounder. If you're looking for something that can play radio, CDs, and stream over Bluetooth, all while looking pretty smart, then this would make for a solid choice. While the sound quality didn't blow us away, it also didn't disappoint, either. As a reasonably compact all-in-one solution, it's certainly worth considering!

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