5 Reasons to Get Into Birdwatching

5 Reasons to Get Into Birdwatching

At liGo we’ve found a real increase in popularity for bird watching and bird watching binoculars. But why is it seeing a real resurgence? We delve deeper into the compelling factors that draw people into a hobby that has truly stood the test of time.

Connect with Nature

In a world where we are constantly glued to our laptops and phones, getting outside is becoming a rarer idea. Bird watching encourages you to get out and explore your local area and truly value the natural surroundings.  Discover new parks, countryside and have fun finding your own little spots. Often people find a new appreciation for not only the wildlife but also the habitat they live in. Promoting being a more eco-conscious thinker. Birders often find themselves exploring other paths through the hobby, including conservation and animal protection. You’ll also find that your interests can vary to other wildlife that you can spot on your travels, such as flying insects and butterflies.

Embrace the Community and Make New Friends

Birding has a huge and ever-growing community. With lots of social media groups and forums, as well as live meet ups, it's easy to get together with likeminded people for a walk or just a chat. Far from the days of being simply a retiree’s hobby, the birding community ranges from all ages. It can be great fun for all the family, and allows children to get outside, learning as they go. We've got binoculars to suit all needs, including lighter and more compact models, particularly suited to children.

With new apps and technology being released all the time, it has encouraged the younger demographic to dip their toes into the vibrant scene. There are even apps on the market now that can identify birds from a birdsong recording. So you can spot them even before you’ve seen them! There is still of course space for the traditionalists, who still enjoy the technology free experience with nature. Armed simply with a notepad, pen, and binoculars the world is your oyster.

There’s No Off-Season

Birds are all around us and can be enjoyed 365 days a year! Notoriously, Springtime is the peak season for birdwatchers, as migrating birds arrive. As well as more of the local wildlife and birds come out in full force as the weather improves after winter (hopefully). During Spring and early Summer you can also get the full experience of the dawn chorus. The first singers usually begin around an hour before sunrise, so you’ll need truly be the early bird to identify specific birds and catch the first few songs.

The weather tends to be more pleasant as a birdwatcher in the Spring and Summer months however don’t disregards a fresh Winter’s Day spotting. Some birds tend to be more seasonal than others and you can be rewarded for braving the weather and catching a glimpse of some different birds than you would typically see in the warmer months.

Health Benefits

As we are increasingly working from home, people have found it hard to break the monotony of looking at the same four walls. Birding offers an excellent way to get outside, even for just an hour or two, and completely get away from life’s stresses. The focus and concentration you experience while birding, mixed with nature’s serenity, offers an excellent escape. Research has also shown that a meditative hobby like birdwatching has been linked to lowering anxiety and stress. Coupled with this, it also provides a great source of low impact exercise suitable for all ages and abilities.

Economical and Accessible

One of the huge benefits of birding is that it’s so easy to get started. It is an extremely low entry hobby and doesn’t require much that you wont already have lying around, so it’s really up to you to decide how much you want to spend. Throw on some suitable outdoor attire (pack a waterproof for typical eventualities), grab your phone or notepad, a pair of binoculars and away you go.

Binoculars are usually the largest purchase you need to really get started. However, don’t be daunted by researching best binoculars and seeing models going for hundreds, even thousands of pounds. Here at liGo we offer entry level binoculars, starting for as little as £25. With a wide range of high quality, mid-price options, you don’t need to break the bank. The great news is that most of our binoculars have a 5-10 year guarantee, so you won’t need to worry about having to shell out for a new pair any time soon.

What We Think

Ultimately, we think bird watching is an excellent hobby and well worth taking up. Accessible to all age ranges and abilities, it’s a great way to get outside and explore your local area or take a trip further afield. It’s so easy get started, why not give it a try?

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