Bresser Pirsch 10x34 Binoculars Review

Bresser Pirsch 10x34 Binoculars Review

Part of the Pirsch series, the Bresser Pirsch 10x34 model looks to offer a more compact and lightweight solution while still maintaining the high image and build quality we have come to expect from the range. Placed on the more expensive side of compact binoculars, we took it out to see what the Bresser Pirsch had to offer. Continue reading to see how we got on!

Design and Build

The 10x34 model upholds the exact same build quality as the larger models in the series. With a compact model ideal for throwing in your rucksack, you need this to still be robust to take outdoors. This model certainly fulfils that. With a rubberised housing making it easy to grip and extremely durable in the outdoors. On top of that, it’s waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about the ever-changing UK climate scuppering your plans.

It comes with a host of accessories including protective eyepiece caps, lens caps, a large lens cloth as well as a nylon case and shoulder strap for carrying it on the go. We found the shoulder strap wider than usual, which allowed for extra comfort on a long day out. Another feature which can come in handy is that it’s tripod compatible. This tends not to be a massive issue with such compact binoculars which are easily handheld. However, it does no harm to have this option if you want to negate a shaky hand, or just prefer using a tripod.

Bresser have also included 17.5mm eye relief, making it easy to use for spectacle wearers. The twist down eyecups have a smooth operation and most notably, have excellent resistance when pressed against your face. On some less well-made models you can often find the eye cups simply start to twist back down when pressed up against your face. However, Bresser have made sure that these can withhold substantial pressure, so you won’t need to keep altering them. On the theme of quality design, we were also impressed by the focus wheel. Firstly, it’s metal. This can be just a personal preference; however, we prefer the feel and durability compared to a typical plastic design. Although sensitive to slight adjustments, we found this easy to use as the wheel action is incredibly smooth.

Quality of Optics

When purchasing a binocular, we feel this is the most crucial factor. Design and durability are of course important, however, when it comes to price range and enjoyment, optic quality is paramount. The Pirsch 10x34 certainly justifies sitting on the more expensive end of the compact binocular spectrum.

Using high performance ED-Glass, images are even more dazzling whilst simultaneously preventing colour fringing. In addition to this, these are fully multi-coated with a dielectric coating. This optimises brightness resulting in a clearer more high-contrast image. Bresser have also included Nitrogen purged lenses. This prevents fogging, which can often be debilitating in cold weather environments and can also prevent dirt build up on the lenses.


We took these with us to get them out in the open ourselves, and we weren’t disappointed. Firstly, Bresser have claimed that you can clearly view objects as close as 3.5 metres away. We put this to the test and found that it comfortably hit this mark, offering excellent image clarity with smaller, up-close detail. So, although these are designed for longer distance viewing, you won’t miss out when trying to view insects, fauna, and flora.

For standard long-range use, the Pirsch performed extremely well offering superb clarity and zoom, while still retaining an excellent colour focus. We tested these during an afternoon and as the sun started to go down, we found it to perform fairly well in lower light conditions as well. Although only 2mm extra objective lens width, the contrast between the standard sizing of 10x32 and the Birsch 10x34 does make a difference. This gives it an advantage over 32mm models, allowing it to let more light and provide a brighter image. Granted, it is not a huge difference and if you are looking to use binoculars frequently in low light conditions, we would recommend 42mm models and above. However, it is definitely something to consider when comparing between more compact models.

Bresser Pirsch 10x34: The Verdict

The 10x34 are one of the smallest in the Bresser Pirsch range, however they certainly pack a punch. With a wealth of build quality and image clarity, if you are looking for a compact binocular for use on the go, look no further!

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