Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars Review

Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars Review

Celestron have established themselves as a brand that offer high-quality binoculars at a mid-level price. The Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars are no exception to this. Providing a combination of superb optics with a magnesium-alloy build, it is clear why these have become so popular. Whether you are an avid bird watcher or outdoor enthusiast, the Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars are the perfect choice for you.

The Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars are available in a variety of focal ranges (8x32, 10x32, 8x42, 10x42). The inclusion of phase and dielectric BAK-4 prisms ensures that image quality is maximised by increasing light transmissions. In addition to this, these binoculars provide a close focus of 6.5' which makes them perfect for wildlife observation. Pairing this with the wide field-of-view available makes this extremely versatile for a wide range of activities.

The build design and quality of the Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars continues to add value to the overall product. The magnesium-alloy design makes the binoculars feel incredibly lightweight. However, they are still extremely resistant and offer a waterproof design. Built to survive in all weather conditions, these are perfect for use in all environments. Celestron have managed to strike a real balance with the lightweight yet durable design on offer here.

With everything considered, it is easy to see why the Celestron brand are so popular at this time. Offering high-quality design and features at a mid-range price helps provide immense value for your money. However, it is important to test exactly how well they perform. Thankfully, we have spent some time with these binoculars and put them to test.

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Design and Build

Understanding the binocular's design and build is the first point that we will look at. The Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars are full of features which help to make them as accessible as possible. However, the key point to note here is how well Celestron have struck the perfect balance with this design.

The magnesium-alloy build that the Celestron Trailseeker Binocular boast is a key selling point. This design allows for the binoculars to achieve this lightweight feel whilst being resistant to weather conditions. The magnesium-alloy build is so protective that it will even limit dust particles from getting in to them. This helps to contribute to the lasting product life that is available with the Celestron Trailseeker.

To put this in to perspective; most binoculars within this price range would offer a polycarbonate build design. This material is significantly lower in quality in comparison to the magnesium-alloy. Whilst both still provide a lightweight feel, more protection is available through the inclusion of the magnesium finish. Therefore, to get the most value within this price range, the Celestron Trailseeker are the way to go.

In addition to the magnesium-alloy build, the Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars offers a rubber-armour design. The hard rubber coating that can be found on the binoculars is there to help with grip. This is particularly helpful in wet weather as you can maintain your grip despite the conditions. Furthermore, the introduction of this hard rubber design allows for the binoculars to last longer. This should protect the binoculars from any potential damage when these are in use. Overall, these binoculars feel great to hold on to and some grip points have been added in to the design.

The Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars also provide metal twist-down eyecups. These provide far more protection than standard plastic eyecups and offer multiple points of positioning. This allows for adjustments on the eyecups to perfectly suit your needs. In addition to this, these metal eyecups allow for the binoculars to be more accessible for spectacle wearers. Those that wear glasses will be able to use the eyecups without having to remove them. Throughout testing, the metal twist-down eyecups felt incredibly comfortable to use. This was the case for both spectacle and non-spectacle wearers.

The eye-relief available through these twist-down eyecups will vary depending on the size of binocular that you opt for. For example, the Celestron Trailseeker 10x42 Binoculars will offer 15mm of relief. During testing, this felt very comfortable and would work well for long-term use without causing any discomfort. The ability to position the eyecups helps using the binoculars very practical.

Finally, these binoculars come with some extra accessories to help complete the package. This includes a carry case that will help store the Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars. This provides some additional protection when carrying the binoculars and makes transporting them much easier. This is a nice additional bonus to the overall package.

Quality of Optics

The Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars aim at providing quality of the highest standard. The inclusion of the phase and dielectric BAK-4 prisms help to contribute towards this. These prisms help to increase contrast and resolution. In addition to this, these lenses are also multi-coated. This helps to maximise the transmission of light which ultimately leads to crystal-clear images.

Image quality is crisp and defined. Contrast and resolution of the image is perfect and it is hard to identify any weak points. Finding similar levels of quality within this price bracket would be difficult. The Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars not only do everything right, but they excel. Whether this is the colour contrast or how bright the image appears, it performs flawlessly. Throughout testing, we were not able to find any faults that would detract from the overall performance.

Taking everything in to consideration, it is clear that the Celestron Trailseeker will offer high quality results. There has been a lot of time and care taken with developing these binoculars. This pays off spectacularly and the quality on offer here is incredible. These binoculars are perfectly suitable for both beginners and intermediate users.


The magnification and objective lens size helps to strike a near perfect balance. The binoculars feel comfortable to use and tracking a target felt easy throughout testing. The wide FOV available on the Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars does also contribute towards this. It is important to note that the field-of-view will differ depending on which model you pick up.

In addition to this wide FOV being available, the Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars also offer a 6.5' close focus zoom. This zoom works extremely well and the results were excellent throughout testing. When this is necessary, the zoom is easy to initiate and the image remains clear and defined. This may not necessarily be helpful for everyone, though it certainly adds extra depth to the binoculars.

Finally, the last point worth noting is the use of nitrogen in the lenses. The use of nitrogen serves many different purposes within the binoculars. The main reason for this is to prevent fogging within the lenses. This allows the binoculars to be fully operational even during poor weather conditions where the lenses may fog. This allows for the image clarity to remain clear and reinforces how efficient these binoculars are in all environments.

This nitrogen within the lenses also helps reduce any chance of corrosion or mould developing. Nitrogen gas within the lenses helps to ensure that there is no moisture present. Therefore, the nitrogen not only helps the binoculars perform, but also maintains the condition of them.

With everything considered, the Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars offer incredible value. The inclusion of BAK-4 prisms helps to create the highest quality of image. Combining this with the wide FOV and close focus zoom provides you with extremely versatile binoculars.


It is obvious that the Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars have a lot to offer. With everything that has been mentioned, the quality that the binoculars provide is clear. However, the question remains on how well they actually perform in the field.

Well, we are happy to report that the binoculars do live up to their name. The Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars exceed our expectations. There is an incredible balance to everything and the binoculars just feel great to use. The perfect blend of high quality optics with this lightweight build design is certainly a winning combination. Whether you are a beginner or you an experienced user, you will find that these binoculars are a great fit.

Throughout testing, the image quality was crisp and clear. The inclusion of the BAK-4 prisms and multi-coated optics really show the difference that they can make. There is a sense of perfect balance to everything. Whether this is the contrast or the resolution, it all seems to come together and help provide these clear images. It is difficult to identify any problems that these binoculars have. Image clarity is consistently at a high standard.

In addition to this, the binoculars provide both a wide FOV as well as a close focus zoom. The wide FOV makes activities such as bird watching extremely easy thanks to the excellent tracking it offers. On the other hand, the close focus makes observing close targets straightforward without compromising on any quality. This is effortless to switch between and makes wildlife observation a real joy.


Now, it is important to consider the build design on the binoculars and how well they perform. The binoculars boast having a magnesium-alloy design with rubber-armour coating for maximum protection. These design features allow these binoculars to perform in any condition and provide an additional layer of protection for them.

Thankfully, these design features hold up during use. The binoculars strike a great balance of feeling lightweight but durable. Designed for use in all conditions, the Celestron Trailseeker binoculars is ready to face the Great British weather. Whether you are facing rain or foggy conditions, these binoculars are up for the task.

Taking everything in to consideration, it is clear that the Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars excel in every area. They offer incredible value in terms of image quality as well as build quality. It would be difficult to find binoculars within this price bracket that provide the same quantity of value.


The Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars offer great value for money. For the price paid, it would be difficult to find similar value within the same price bracket. These binoculars really provide you with everything that you need. The Celestron Trailseeker Binoculars provides quality in every aspect.

The image quality through the lenses is crisp and clear. The binoculars are easy to operate and always feel comfortable. The build design available here shows off the immense quality that is on offer. It truly does offer everything that you could possible want. Perfectly suited for both beginners and intermediate users.

From the lenses quality to the durable build design, it is difficult to find any real faults. In addition to this, the overall functionality of the binoculars felt smooth. Whether this was adjusting the wide FOV or using the close focus zoom. These binoculars provide a perfect balance of high quality and user accessibility.

Finally, the accessories that arrive with the binoculars provide some additional value. Whilst they may not necessarily be for everyone, they are certainly handy to have. These accessories include a carry case, neck strap, and a rain guard. This helps to add some value to the overall bundle and the items are of a fairly high standard. This helps protect your binoculars for future use and makes transporting them around much easier.

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