Viking Cygnus Monocular Review

Viking Cygnus Monocular Review

The Viking Cygnus Monocular is a fantastic entry-level option which certainly aims to deliver high performance results. Viking maintain their tradition of offering high quality products at a cost-effective price. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate user, you will find a lot of value here. The blend of high quality optics with a compact and lightweight design makes this monocular an excellent choice.

The inclusion of a multi-coated lens helps to ensure the viewable image is bright and defined. This allows the Viking Cygnus to perform even in low-light conditions. In addition to this, the compact build design allows the monocular to be extremely portable. This is the perfect size and weight for storing in your pocket when not in use.

The Viking Cygnus is currently available in a number of different focal ranges (8x25, 10x25, 8x42, 10x42). This presents different options for both the magnification power and the objectize lens size. These will all perform well across a broad range of activities. For those that want a much closer zoom, then choosing a magnification power of 10 is best. A complete guide on magnification power is available on our website.

Throughout this review, I will take a close look at the Viking Cygnus and provide all the information you need. This will include a review on the product as well as the overall performance during use.

Design and Build

The Viking Cygnus Monoculars offer a build design which compact and lightweight. Thanks to this design, the monocular is perfect for travelling with and easily fits in your pocket. This is certainly a huge advantage of using the monocular over a traditional set of binoculars.

Despite the lightweight build design, the Viking Cygnus monoculars are extremely durable and offer excellent protection. This is largely down to the rubber-armour finish on the monocular. This ensures protection from all conditions and allows the monocular to be waterproof. This helps make the Viking Cygnus an excellent choice for all environments.

There are some key design differences between the monoculars within the Viking Cygnus range. The Viking Cygnus 8x25 and 10x25 provide a design which offers grooves on the rubber-armour finish. This helps with the overall grip of the monocular and the design helps make this ultra-compact. However, the Viking Cygnus 8x42 and 10x42 offers a different design approach - though they still maintain the same durable build.

This difference is build does make for some differences with factors such as weight. For example, the Viking Cygnus 8x25 only weighs in at 131 grams due to the ultra-compact design. However, the Viking Cygnus 8x42 has a total weight of 287 grams. This is a considerable difference and certainly worth considering when making your decision.

Both monoculars within the Viking Cygnus range offer many similarities despite the difference in overall design. For example, the inclusion of twist-down eyecups is available on all models within this range. This allows for adjustments on the monocular to find optimal positions that best suit the user. This works extremely smoothly and the eyecups remain firm when in place.

Those that wear glasses will be able to use these twist-down eyecups without any hassle. This allows the full FOV to be viewable when using the monocular with your glasses. This is a great addition to the overall build design and making changes feel effortless.

This brings us on to the eye-relief that the Viking Cygnus Monocular can offer. Thanks to the inclusion of the twist-down eyecups, these monoculars offer excellent relief during use. The Viking Cygnus 8x25 provides 13mm eye-relief and the Cygnus 8x42 offers 18mm due to the larger objective lens. Both of these will provide great comfort during long-term use and user-comfort is guaranteed.

Finally, the Viking Cygnus Monoculars offer fantastic built-in focusing mechanisms. The focus wheel is easy to adjust and makes getting close observations simple. This wheel feels sturdy and operates smoothly. Furthermore, the Viking Cygnus range offers a close focus for wildlife observation. This switch between the general magnification power and the close focus makes the monocular extremely versatile.

Quality of Optics

Viking have a reputation of delivering images of the highest quality through their optics. Thankfully, the Viking Cygnus lives up to this reputation and delivers in a big way. These monoculars create an image which is brightly and so incredibly defined.

The multi-coated lens ensures that light transmission through the monocular is at the maximum. This helps create an image which is bright and full of detail. The inclusion of the BAK4 prisms is an additional bonus which helps boost the overall image quality. You can expect the Viking Cygnus to offer great results even during low-light conditions.

The overall quality output available with this monocular is excellent. The multi-coated lens and inclusion of BAK4 prisms make these monoculars great value for money. Whether you are birdwatching or hiking, you will not encounter any issues with the overall image quality. The only limitation of these monoculars is the fact that they do not include ED glass. However, this is typically only available in more expensive models such as the Viking ED Monocular.


The Viking Cygnus offers excellent image quality at all ranges. It is now important to evaluate the FOV that each monocular offers. This is incredibly important as it will impact how effective the monoculars can be. For example, when participating in birdwatching, you want a wide FOV to allow for easy tracking.

However, the main design drawback with monoculars is that they do not offer the same FOV as binoculars. This is mainly because binoculars offer two lenses which allows for easier tracking. Therefore, using binoculars makes activities like birdwatching much easier.

For example, the Viking Cygnus 8x42 Monoculars offer an FOV of 6.3°. In comparison, the Viking Badger 8x42 Binoculars offers 6.4° and make use of both lenses. Therefore, whilst the monocular offers a similar FOV, the binoculars certainly gain the advantage here. Despite this, the Viking Cygnus still performs very well. You can expect to achieve great results even with just the single lens.

To get the widest possible FOV from a monocular, then opting for the biggest objective lens is the best. The Viking Cygnus 8x42 Monocular is the best for this out of the entire range. Going for the Viking Cygnus 10x42 Monocular will reduce this FOV, but will increase the overall magnification zoom available.


The Viking Cygnus Monoculars certainly offer a lot and provide some excellent technical specifications. However, it is important that we evaluate how well they will actually perform during use.

The overall image quality viewable through the monoculars is excellent. The combination of a multi-coated lens with BAK4 prisms ensures that images are bright and defined. You can expect the Viking Cygnus to shine regardless of environment or weather condition. This makes the monocular a fantastic addition to your next adventure. Considering the monocular is so compact, it is impressive how good the optics really are.

For those interested in birdwatching, then I would certainly recommend choosing an 8x magnification on this monocular. The general FOV is narrow in comparison to binoculars, but this helps ensure you get the most out of it. Pairing this with the close focus zoom available with the Viking Cygnus allows for flexibility.

This compact and lightweight design is the key selling point of the Viking Cygnus. This makes the monocular extremely portable and easy to use. This even comes with a carry case for additional protection and convenience. Whether you are a beginner or experienced user, you will find excellent overall value from this design.

It is important to note just how durable these monoculars really are. The rubber-armour finish offers a great deal of protection whilst still maintaining the overall weightless feeling.  The overall build quality is excellent and this monocular feels great to hold. The inclusion of the rubber grips on the Viking Cygnus 8x25 Monocular further enhances this. In addition to this, making adjustments with features like the focus wheel and twist-down eye-cups is smooth.

The Viking Cygnus Monoculars nails the balance between high quality optics and fantastic overall build design. The compact and lightweight size makes this extremely convenient and flexible. However, it does not compromise on any features to achieve this. The optics are excellent and provide an image which is bright and defined. Suitable for use in all weather conditions and environments, this monocular will be a great addition to your next adventure.


The Viking Cygnus Monocular is a fantastic option for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate user, you will certainly gain a lot of value from this. This monocular offers excellent flexibility and works well with any activity. Considering the outstanding performance and overall build design, the Viking Cygnus provides great value.

The key selling point here is the compact design of the Viking Cygnus. This provides a great deal of practicality and convenience for the user. No matter where you go, you are able to take the monocular with you. Being able to avoid carrying heavier binoculars around certainly makes a difference.

Overall, the Viking Cygnus shines in every aspect. Pairing the superb optic design with this compact build is fantastic. This monocular certainly comes with a high recommendation for the value that it offers.