Viking Navigo Binoculars Review

Viking Navigo Binoculars Review

The Viking Navigo binoculars aim to strike a delicate balance between powerful optics and a compact build design. Viking are able to achieve this and manage to do so with style. Providing a perfect mid-level set of binoculars at a cost-effective price creates excellent value for the user. These binoculars are an excellent choice for both beginners and intermediate users.

The Viking Navigo binoculars are only available in one focal range (8x32). However, thanks to the large eyepiece and close focus zoom, they are the perfect companion for your birdwatching needs. The combination of powerful optics with the compact design makes the Viking Navigo the perfect all-rounder. No matter the surrounding environment, you can be sure that the Viking Navigo will deliver big results.

This review will take an in-depth look at the Viking Navigo binoculars. Detailing each feature that is available as well as how well the binoculars perform in the field. With so many options being available on the market, it is important to get this purchase correct. Thankfully, we have spent some time putting these binoculars to the test for you.

Design and Build

The compact and lightweight design of the Viking Navigo binoculars makes them the perfect travel companion. These binoculars weigh in a total weight of 531 grams. This makes them perfect for carrying about with ease - especially during long-term use. This helps the Viking Navigo binoculars feel extremely accessible to everyone.

Despite this compact design, the binoculars maintain a strong element of durability. This is largely due to the magnesium-alloy build design available here. This allows for the Viking Navigo binoculars to be resistant to water damage. In addition to this, the lenses contain nitrogen to prevent any potential fogging. This helps maintain a crystal-clear image regardless of the environment you are in.

The Viking Navigo binoculars strive to ensure that user comfort is at the forefront of design. This includes the twist-down eyecups which are available to provide excellent eye-relief. Thanks to this design, the Viking Navigo offers 16.9mm of eye-relief during use. This ensures that maximum comfort is available throughout use of the binoculars. This is especially beneficial to those that wear glasses.

Viking Navigo 8x32 Binoculars 

Viking consistently manage to produce binoculars which feel excellent to hold. Pairing a compact build design with durable qualities allows for the Viking Navigo to be incredibly versatile. This helps make these binoculars the perfect companion for any outdoor activities. Whether this is for birdwatching or taking in the view, the Viking Navigo will guarantee great results.

Finally, the overall design mechanics available with the Viking Navigo are simple but effective. The focusing wheel is easy to adjust and allows you to achieve the perfect image. This focusing wheel is a comfortable size and requires minimal force to move. Furthermore, the close focus zoom of two meters allows the binoculars to become extremely versatile. The close focus zoom is particularly useful for wildlife observation.

Quality of Optics 

Viking binoculars have become well known for the high standard of optics they produce. The Viking Navigo binoculars continue this trend and provide high quality optic design. Fully multi-coated optics maximises the overall quality output for these binoculars. The use of multi-coated optics helps to increase the light transmission through the binoculars. The overall image becomes much brighter and defined as more light comes through the lenses.

The Viking Navigo binoculars will provide great results in all environments and weather conditions. The multi-coated lenses excel in bright environments due to the transmission of light. However, these will still perform even in low-light conditions. The overall image output from the binoculars is excellent. The lenses available provide images which are bright and defined.

As previously mentioned, the Viking Navigo lenses contain nitrogen. This helps to reduce any fogging from taking place in the lenses which helps maintain crystal-clear images. This is especially useful during colder seasons when fogging can impact how well binoculars perform. Thankfully, the Viking Navigo will prevent this and ensure that image quality is a guarantee at all times.  In addition to this, the nitrogen reduces any build up of dirt or dust. This ensures that the binoculars remain free from any corrosion in the lenses.

The Viking Navigo binoculars provide excellent results thanks to the high standard of quality with the lenses. The overall design features such as the close focus zoom enhance this further. Considering the price that the binoculars are available for, you can certainly expect excellent value for money.


Another important point to consider is the overall FOV available with binoculars. The Viking Navigo binoculars offers a FOV of 8.3°. This makes these binoculars a great choice for birdwatching. Having a wider FOV makes tracking objects through the lenses much easier. When pairing this with the superb optic quality, you can see why these binoculars have become so popular.

The FOV available here ensures that the binoculars are suitable for all occasions. Whether this is birdwatching or observing landscapes, you can be sure that these binoculars will perform well. The binocular's ability to shift to the close focus zoom proves how versatile these binoculars are.

Finally, the Viking Navigo will offer 16.9mm of eye-relief during use. The inclusion of twist-down eyecups ensure that comfort is available during long term use. These eyecups are especially good for those that wear glasses. These eyecups will work alongside glasses to provide the best possible positioning. Making adjustments with the twist-down eyecups is easy and these will remain firmly in place.

The Viking Navigo is fairly simple in terms of the design features that it offers. However, it excels in every single aspect. The overall quality from the optics is excellent. This pairs well with the wide FOV and twist-down eyecups which helps cement these binoculars as a must-buy.


The Viking Navigo binoculars certainly offer a lot of quality thanks to the design features available. Thanks to the easy yet functional design, these binoculars feel great to use and perform exceptionally well. The Viking Navigo delivers high quality results consistently.

The use of multi-coated optics ensures that images are always bright and clear. These optics allow for the binoculars to work at any time including low-light conditions. This helps the Viking Navigo binoculars to be extremely adaptable to a variety of environments. In addition to this, features such as the nitrogen in the lenses help prevent any fogging. Therefore, the Viking Navigo binoculars are really suitable for use all year round.

Viking stick with their traditional build design with the Viking Navigo. The compact and lightweight design has become a staple feature with all binoculars they produce. However, this is a design which works well and proves to be extremely functional. The binoculars feel great to hold whilst still being resistant to damage thanks to the magnesium-alloy build.


The compact build design allows for the binoculars to be incredibly portable. The Viking Navigo are small enough to fit in to your pocket. In addition to this, these binoculars come with additional accessories. This includes a travel bag to help store the items and carry them when not in use. Whilst not everyone may use these accessories, they do certainly help to add some additional value on to the bundle.

The Viking Navigo binoculars feel smooth to operate. Every function that it offers performs well and without any problems. Viking strike a great balance between simplicity and functionality. The focus wheel and close focus zoom are quick and  easy to operate whilst providing excellent results. These binoculars are suitable for both beginners and intermediate users because of this. They certainly fit in to the mid-level tier bracket for binoculars.


The overall build design and performance available with the Viking Navigo binoculars is excellent. These binoculars certainly offer a lot of value considering the price. The blend of highly defined optics with a compact build design is a winning combination. The Viking Navigo binoculars are perfect for all occasions.

The Viking Navigo are fairly simple with the features that they offer. However, everything operates smoothly and performs exceptionally well in all aspects. These binoculars comfortably fit in to the mid-range level and are suitable for both beginners and intermediate users. These binoculars offer a cost-effective approach to achieving high-quality results.

Overall, the Viking Navigo binoculars are a perfect all-rounder. Whether you are using them for birdwatching or general observation, they will perform to the highest degree. These binoculars can not come recommended enough.

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