Viking Navilux Binocular Review

Viking Navilux Binocular Review

The Viking Navilux binoculars offer a cost-effective approach to achieving fantastic visual quality for activities such as birdwatching. Designed after the Viking Navigator range, these binoculars provide a more modern build design in comparison. Furthermore, there has also been an increase on the overall image quality that the Viking Navilux range can offer. If you have previously owned the Viking Navigator range, then you will certainly find some familiarity with these binoculars.

Whether you are participating in birdwatching or just taking in the sights, the Viking Navilux is a fantastic choice. These binoculars are currently only available in one focal range (8x32) though this is perfectly suitable for all occasions. The 8x magnification zoom provides a crystal-clear image which is easy to keep steady. However, if you are looking for binoculars which offer a further distance zoom, then I suggest looking at other Viking models.

We want to ensure that you make the right choice when deciding on which binoculars are right for you. This review aims to evaluate the overall build quality and performance that the Viking Navilux offers. Our team of experts have spent some time putting these binoculars to the test for you.

Design and Build

The Viking Navilux binoculars provide a build design which is both compact and lightweight. This is the standard design for all Viking binoculars and this really offers a wealth of benefits. These binoculars are easily portable and yet still offer fantastic elements of protection to keep them safe. The compact design ensures that these binoculars are the perfect travelling companion.

Viking really shine at designing binoculars which are compact and convenient without compromising on the quality. The Viking Navilux is an excellent example of this and how balanced the design feels. The compact design makes these binoculars easy to carry around without taking anything away from the overall design. The Viking Navilux binoculars certainly feel excellent to hold and use thanks to the almost 'weightless' build design.

However, the Viking Navilux provides some excellent build design features which ensure the binoculars remain protected. The rubber-armour design ensures that these binoculars are resistant to all conditions. This rubber-armour coating allows for the binoculars to become completely waterproof. This ensures that they are ready to go no matter the weather conditions or environment. In addition to this, the nitrogen within the lenses prevents any fogging or build up of dirt.

The Viking Navilux binoculars provide many staple features which are normally only available with higher-end models. For example, the twist-down eyecups available ensure that binoculars can adjust to the optimal setting. In addition to this, the twist-down eyecups work perfectly with anyone that wears glasses.


The Viking Navilux binoculars strike a fantastic balance between size and practicality. The compact and lightweight build design ensures that these binoculars are easy to carry around. The rubber-armour coating offers fantastic protection against all elements. The waterproof design makes sure that the Viking Navilux is ready to face the Great British weather.

The binoculars feel smooth to operate which is certainly a big bonus. The focusing wheel is simple to adjust and allows for precise adjustments to the binoculars. This allows for the binoculars to be accessible to people of all ages. Everything just flows really well when using the Viking Navilux. These binoculars offer excellent value for money when you consider the overall price.

Quality of Optics

The overall quality of the optics available with the binoculars is arguably the most important point to consider. Viking have a long established reputation of producing binoculars which deliver fantastic results. The Viking Navilux is no exception to this rule. The use of multi-coated lenses ensures that the image is always bright and well defined.

The Viking Navilux boasts an impressive image quality which makes activities such as birdwatching or general observation a pleasure. The optics do a great job of eliminating any colour fringing and provide a bright image. The inclusion of multi-coated optics increases the light transmission through the lenses to further enhance the image. Throughout the entire testing process, we were unable to find any flaws with the overall image.

As previously mentioned, the lenses of the Viking Navilux contain nitrogen which reduces any fogging. This ensures that the binoculars are ready for use in all weather conditions and maintain a bright image. Furthermore, this nitrogen helps to reduce the build up of dirt within the lenses. Over time this will maintain the condition of the optics which will preserve the overall quality output.

However, it is important to note that the Viking Navilux are still fairly entry-level binoculars. They will certainly offer you everything that you need and will be suitable for both beginners and intermediate users. If you want to maximise the overall image quality, then opting for a higher-end model would be the best choice. Models such as the Viking Kestrel ED binoculars establish the highest possible standard.

The next point to consider when looking at the quality of the optics is the field-of-view (FOV) that it offers. The Viking Navilux offers a FOV of 7.4° which is suitable for participating in any observations. This width of FOV allows for easier tracking of objects when looking through the binoculars. This is an especially important factor when using these binoculars for birdwatching.

The combination of the powerful magnification and the fairly wide FOV makes these a great choice. Viking have been able to strike a real balance between the magnification and the ability to track objects. These binoculars are easy to get to grips with and this is largely what makes them a great entry-level model.

Finally, the last point worth focusing on is the eye-relief that the Viking Navilux offers. The eye-relief is essentially the distance from your eye to the eyepiece on the binoculars. This helps you to view the full image and also helps with how comfortable the binoculars are to use. The Viking Navilux provides a fantastic level of eye-relief at 17.5mm. This eye-relief will ensure that your eye remains comfortable even during long-term use.


The Viking Navilux provides both a high-quality image performance and a durable build design. These two factors combine well to create an all-round fantastic pair of binoculars which will be suitable for all activities. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate user, these binoculars will provide you with everything that you need.

The optics available perform exceptionally well and the images appear bright and defined. The use of the multi-coated optics really highlights this thanks to the increase in light transmission that they provide. The overall results were very impressive with this model and there were no noticeable flaws with the image quality.

Furthermore, the wide FOV allows for easy tracking of any object when viewing them through the lenses. This makes the Viking Navilux a strong choice for any avid bird watchers out there. This wide FOV combines nicely with the powerful magnification to create the tool for any wildlife observation. In addition to this, the Viking Navilux also offers a close focus zoom of 2 metres. This can be particularly helpful if you require an up-close view of any subjects.

The Viking Navilux 8x32 binoculars deliver fantastic results

The compact and lightweight build design of these binoculars ensures that they are easy to travel around with. This makes them an optimal choice for any long-term trips that you may go on. Viking have managed to strike a fine balance with the overall weight of these binoculars. The Viking Navilux binoculars only weigh in at 554 grams. This makes them the perfect travel companion for your next adventure.

However, this compact build design takes nothing away from how durable these binoculars are. As previously mentioned, the rubber-armour coating provides excellent protection and ensures the binoculars are waterproof. This holds up well and the binoculars certainly feel very durable and resistant to damage. The rubber-armour coating also allows for the binoculars to be very easy to grip even in rainy conditions.

Overall the Viking Navilux binoculars provide excellent value for money due to the high level of performance. The image quality that these binoculars offer is fantastic. Images consistently appear bright and well defined without any flaws. The powerful magnification provides a detailed zoom on any object which makes it great for birdwatching. This pairs well with the wide FOV available with the Viking Navilux binoculars for tracking objects. The ease of use that these binoculars offer make it a great choice for both beginners and intermediate users.

Finally, the Viking Navilux binoculars come with some additional accessories within the bundle. These accessories include a carry case, rain guard, and strap for the binoculars. Whilst this may not be for everyone, this certainly adds some extra value to the overall bundle. Items such as the carry case help to add some additional protection to the binoculars when not in use.


The Viking Navilux binoculars provide a cost-effective approach to achieving high quality results. The combination of the compact and lightweight design with the powerful optics makes this an excellent choice. Furthermore, the Viking Navilux feels comfortable and easy to use which makes this accessible for everyone. These binoculars will make a perfect addition to any avid birdwatcher out there.

The build design of the Viking Navilux helps make this suitable for people of all ages. The lightweight design makes these binoculars easy to travel with and carry around. In addition to this, the operation of the focusing wheel feels smooth to adjust and does not require force. This also includes the twist-down eyecups which offer easy adjustments at any time. These binoculars strike a great balance between accessibility and high-performance results.