Jabra Evolve Series Overview

Jabra Evolve Series Overview

The Jabra Evolve series have been designed to be the ultimate series in professional office headsets, offering the best in noise cancelling technology to boost productivity in the open office. Jabra have long been praised for their exceptional sound quality and the Evolve series certainly lives up to the billing.

Jabra Evolve 20

The Jabra Evolve 20 is a great foundation option in the Evolve series. With passive noise cancellation and the state of the art noise cancelling microphone you are able to have clear conversations for both the caller and the recipient, even when in a busy office environment. It couldn’t be easier to get started with a simple plug in and play set up that connects via USB, and with foam ear cups and an adjustable headband you can get the perfect fit.

Jabra Evolve 30

The Jabra Evolve 30 offers superior comfort with the excellent audio quality you can come to expect from a Jabra product. With leatherette ear cushions, comfort no longer needs to be a worry for a busy day in the office. It also offers upgraded compatibility to the Evolve 20 with the option of a 3.5mm connection as well as USB, allowing you to use this with your mobile or tablet. With the bonus quick disconnect feature allowing you to seamlessly switch between the 2, this means Evolve 30 is ideal if you hot desk or are working on the go.

Jabra Evolve 40

In the Evolve 40, Jabra have supercharged the Evolve 30 model. With the new busy light feature you can let your co-workers know when you’re on a call or switch it on manually when you have an important task. The new intelligent call transfer feature allows you to seamlessly transfer your skype to business calls to your mobile, ideal if you need to head out the office or away from your desk. The Evolve 40 also offers upgraded sound technology built in with Jabra’s sound cancellation technology, for an even clearer conversation.

Jabra Evolve 65

The first of the Evolve range to offer wireless connection, the Jabra Evolve 65 gives you freedom with your headset. With the option of Bluetooth or corded connection you aren’t tied to your desk anymore, with up to 30 metres range and call controls on your headset. You can also connect to 2 separate devices, switching from calls to music seamlessly, you’ll never miss a beat. Another convenient feature is that the boom mic can conveniently be tucked away when not on a call, this is a hugely popular feature as with such high sound quality the Evolve 65 can be used outside the office to stream music. As always, Jabra continues to push sound quality and technology and have installed three separate mics allowing for an exceptional voice pickup on every call. With up to 12 hours battery life this is ideally set up for a busy day in the office or on the go.

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