Jabra Speak 810 Review

Jabra Speak 810 Review

The Jabra Speak 810 is the top spec in the Jabra line of conferencing speakerphones. Designed for large boardrooms and with multiple upgrades from the previous Speak 710, our experts have gone through an in-depth review to check out what this new model really offers. Continue reading to find out how they got on!


Jabra is synonymous with sleek, modern design and the Speak 810 is no different. Created with an oblong design for enhanced sound projection, a modern black finish and 1 touch LED control buttons, this will not look out of place in any boardroom.

The Jabra 810 simply needs to be connected to a power source, which can be your laptop if you are connecting this through USB. Although it doesn’t offer battery power to be portable, this speaker phone is designed to hold centre stage in your boardroom 365 days a year. Jabra appreciate this is an expensive piece of kit and have included a Kensington lock feature. Allowing you to leave it in your office with complete peace of mind.


Jabra have kept it simple with a plug in and play set up, and we found this extremely easy and quick to connect. Offering a host of connection types, you can connect wirelessly with up to 30 metres range through Bluetooth as well as the Jabra Link 360 USB dongle. This offers a Bluetooth connection even if your device doesn’t support Bluetooth. The speaker connects wirelessly to one device at a time; however, you can store hundreds of previous connections, allowing you to switch over seamlessly. You can also use the wired USB and 3.5mm jack connection.

Sound Quality

Conference calls

This is where the Jabra Speak 810 comes into its own, and fully warrants it higher price band. Installed with 6 state of the art intelligent zoom talk microphones the Speak 810 can comfortably handle up to 15 people in one call. The intelligent microphone technology works much like a camera lens, directly focusing in on the person who is talking. No matter where they are around the speaker you can be assured, they will be picked up with ultimate clarity. Additionally, with the use of DSP technology (Digital Signal Processing), background noise is filtered out to ensure clear sound quality for both parties.


While it is not designed to replace a full stereo music system, the Speak 810 certainly offers the bonus of being able to listen to music. When you’re not on a call, this offers more than adequate sound quality for listening to music in a small office environment.

Jabra Speak 810: The Verdict

We think the Speak 810 is an excellent addition to Jabra’s conference speaker range. With its upgraded sound and microphone technology this is ideal for larger offices and boardrooms, looking to get the ultimate conference calling experience.

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