Jabra Speak2 Series- How Has Jabra Re-Engineered their Speakerphone Range?

Jabra Speak2 Series- How Has Jabra Re-Engineered their Speakerphone Range?

Jabra has launched its new conference speaker line-up, the Speak2 range! The next generation of professional speakerphones. But is it just a new, shiny aesthetic design and has the technology truly come on from the best-selling original Speak range? We’ve put them to the test to give you our feedback on old vs new!

History of Jabra Speakerphones

The Jabra Speak range launched in 2010, as Jabra took their cutting edge audio quality to the professional speakerphone market. The main aim was to bring professional-sounding collaboration to every size of meeting room. So why build the Speak2 range, and replace an already popular line?

Launching the new Speak2 range in 2023, Jabra have pulled on 13 years of feedback, information and pain-points. With all that data, coupled with the huge spike in hybrid and remote work from 2020 onwards, they decided it was time for an upgrade.

So what’s the difference between the Original Speak vs New Speak2?

Microphone Technology

The microphones in particular, are a huge upgrade on the original Speaks. One of the main differences is simply the amount. Instead of one single omni-directional mic, every model of the new range has 4 individual beam-forming microphones. The difference this makes is stark, with a far superior ability to pick up voices consistently. Jabra have stated the new microphones pick up almost a meter extra range than the original Speaks, however when testing in our boardroom space we found it was at least an extra 2 metres whilst maintaining pin-point clarity. The additional new feature of microphone quality indicator, available only on the Speak2 75, shows a green light when the microphone is picking up clearly and a red light when you have gone too far away. Giving you real time feedback, rather than waiting for the person at the other end to tell you you’re breaking up.

Paired with this, Jabra have added voice normalization technology. In every office there is a Booming Barbara who will always be louder than Reserved Roger, however that doesn’t make what Barbara has to say any more important. With cutting-edge voice-normalization everyone is heard at the same volume, so people can be themselves and converse naturally. This feature really highlights Jabra’s drive to promote ‘meeting room equity’. Meeting Equity has been a prominent buzzword within businesses, especially since the spike in remote and hybrid meetings. Our article on meeting equity explains the term in more detail, however as a general gist, it is the principle of allowing everyone in a meeting to be heard equally, no matter where they are. 

Audio Speaker

Continuing the theme of meeting equity the full duplex audio is a game changer. Gone are the days of half duplex when only one person can speak at a time. With the upgraded Speak2 full duplex, conversations are able to ebb and flow, just like they would in your meeting room. Jabra have understood that a truly collaborative meeting involves healthy debate and want to encourage a natural meeting environment.

While reviewing the Speak2 range in our offices, we had our street being dug up next door. Although frustrating for most of the day, we couldn’t have had a better test of the professed super noise-cancelling technology. While on a call, although it was hard for us to hear ourselves think, on the other end of the meeting our voices were crystal-clear with minimal background noise at all. For a speaker which is designed to be used in the office and then thrown in your bag for a remote meeting in a coffee shop, it’s a real relief to know that no matter where you are, noise doesn’t matter.

But that’s not all! With the Speak2 75, they’ve installed super-wideband audio with a full range 65mm speaker. Compared to the original Speak 750 the improved richness and clarity of sound is undeniable. Of course, it’s great to have the best sound quality possible on a meeting. However, Jabra have done this with the remote worker in mind. When you’ve got a few hours to yourself, or if you’re cooking in the kitchen, the Speak2 really holds it’s own while playing music. Typically speakerphones can be quite ‘tinny’ in sound, only used to sounding voices. However, the Speak2 75 has a real richness giving an excellent overall sound, which you can take with you anywhere!


While they haven’t re-invented the wheel(shaped) design, the Speak2 represents a much more modern approach. With a sleek matt finish rather than the previous more glossy design, it would fit well in any boardroom or home office. The finish has also been upgraded to IP64-rated protection from water and dust. Meaning if you’re on the go and throwing it into a dusty bag or you’re listening to music in a messy kitchen, the Speak2 can handle whatever you throw at it.

The split USB cable is also welcome improvement. This means that every speaker has the option to connect and charge via USB-A or USB-C, again adding to the piece of mind that no matter where you find yourself you’ll be able to use the Speak2. Rather than the previous Speak range which was either one or the other.

Finally, we all know that the electronics industry isn’t traditionally the most environmentally friendly. However, Jabra have made a solid effort towards offering a more sustainable product with 50%+ of both the Speak2 40 and 50 have been made with sustainable materials and 33%+ of the Speak2 75.

Speak2 40 vs Speak 410

This is the most budget friendly model in the Speak2 range, replacing the Speak 410. The main difference between this model and the Speak2 55 is that it does not offer the wireless Bluetooth feature and must be plugged in. However, if you prefer the wired security a corded model can offer and don’t want to rely on charging a battery, then this is a great option. This is ideal for an individual or small conference group of up to 4 people.

  • Pick up range 2.3m vs 1.5m
  • Full duplex vs half duplex
  • 4 mics vs 1 omni mic
  • New Voice normalization
  • USB-A+C vs USB-A

Speak2 55 vs Speak 510

The Speak2 55 is the first wireless option in the Speak2 range and offers excellent value for money for such a versatile and powerful speaker. This is suited to and individual or small conference group of up to 4 people.

  • Pick up range 2.3m vs 1.5m
  • Full duplex vs half duplex
  • 4 mics vs 1 omni mic
  • Voice normalization
  • USB-A+C vs USB-A

Speak2 75 vs Speak 750

The Speak2 75 is the ultimate in portable wireless conference speakers. With an increased speaker size and increased noise cancellation capability compared to the 55 and 40. As well as almost triple the battery life, this is a serious piece of kit, and suited to an individual taking remote meetings anywhere and everywhere or a larger boardroom of up to 8 people.

  • Longer Battery Life – 32 hours vs 11 hours
  • Further MS certification – added Microsoft Team Rooms / Zoom / Zoom Rooms
  • IP64 Rating
  • Larger 65 mm speaker vs 56mm
  • Reverb cancellation
  • Super wideband vs wideband
  • 4 mics vs 1 mic
  • Voice level normalization
  • Microphone quality indicator
  • Jabra Sound + Mobile App support


We’re really impressed with the new Jabra Speak2 range. So impressed that we’re already set up with the Speak2 75 in our boardroom! Sometimes when a company releases an upgraded product line it can be with negligible changes. However, even to the someone who has never used a conference speaker, the difference when put side by side, between the Speak and Speak2 is night and day. In terms of sound quality, noise cancelling and a host of add-ons, making it a truly premium speaker. We’re happy to recommend that we think it’s time your business Speak Up!

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