Robens Keswick T6 Walking Poles Review

Robens Keswick T6 Walking Poles Review

Just an hour’s drive from Glasgow, Ben Lomond is the most southerly Munro (a Scottish mountain over 3,000ft for those not familiar) and after Keswick perhaps the next best place to test out the Robens Keswick T6 Walking Poles. I used to scoff at the idea of using walking poles but getting a little long in the tooth means that they are now a necessity for my knees, especially on the descent! Robens are probably best known for their tents and camping equipment for which they’ve earned a pretty solid reputation for quality so I was looking forward to trying out their most affordable pair of walking poles priced around £30-40.

Materials & Build Quality

The Keswick T6 is an aluminium alloy pole, which is to be expected at this price point and compares with similar models from the likes of Black Diamond; you’ll find even pricier models are manufactured with aluminium as it’s robust and lightweight. There is a tungsten tip underneath the rubber feet, which are ideal for use on softer surfaces like forest floors, moorlands, and grass. Though the trail up Ben Lomond is pretty rocky so there seemed little point in removing the rubber grips (though one was dislodged on the way up and had to be reattached).

The rubber handle has a nice ergonomic shape to it and was comfortable to hold, and there is a wrist strap on each.

Pole adjustment

There is a stainless-steel fast-twist locking system to adjust the length of the poles; you should shorten the poles on your way up, lengthen on the way down, and set so your elbow is at a 90-degree angle when walking on flat stretches.

It wasn’t the easiest mechanism to get the hang of initially; and there are no instructions so you’re left to your own devices to figure it out. It was easy enough to lengthen and shorten but I did find it difficult to tell if or when the mechanism was secure and had to stop a couple of times to readjust because it hadn’t locked in properly.

Weight & Packed Size

With the combined weight of both poles coming in at only 505g I consider the Robens Keswick Poles to be fairly lightweight and looking at the spec of similar models there's not much between them.

They come with carry bag and have a packed size of 66cm in length, which was longer than I expected. They are fine for throwing in the boot of a car and taking out when you arrive at the start point of your hike but if was going backpacking and attaching them to a pack I might consider looking for something that folds down a bit smaller.

Price & Value for Money

At the time of writing the Keswick T6 are available for £28.95, which is pretty good value for money. I think Robens Fast-Twist locking system for all the time it took me to get used to is superior to the clasps a lot of other walking poles at this price point feature; they feel sturdier and less likely to break. 


If you’re looking for a reliable pair of walking poles on a bit of a budget then I would definitely recommend the Robens Keswick. Well-made, light, and excellent value for money!

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