Vango Nevis 200 2-Person Tent Review

Vango Nevis 200 Tent Review

In the ever-evolving world of camping gear, finding the perfect blend of weight, durability, and functionality can be overwhelming. After rigorous testing, the Vango Nevis 200 strikes that balance seamlessly. This comprehensive review delves into the intricacies of the Nevis 200 2-person tent, exploring its features, performance, and overall suitability for your next expedition into the great outdoors.

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Design and Construction:

The Nevis 200 adopts a design that is centred around simplicity and functionality. Its semi-geodesic structure, featuring two pre-angled poles, not only ensures stability in challenging weather conditions but also facilitates a hassle-free setup. Crafted with Yunan Eco Alloy poles, the tent strikes an optimal balance between lightweight design and robust build. The flysheet, constructed with Protex® 70 denier polyester, adds durability without compromising on weight. 

Vango Nevis 200

Dimensions and Weight:

With dimensions measuring 260cm x 150cm, the Nevis 200 generously accommodates two individuals while maintaining comfort. This was no problem for me and my colleague. What sets it apart is its impressive portability, boasting a pack size of 48cm x 16cm. Weighing in at a mere 2.02kg (2.42kg including the carry bag) this tent emerges as one of the lightest choices in its category, making it an attractive option for backpackers and hikers. If your expedition bag has straps like mine, you can fit the travel bag through the straps for added support when on the move.

Nevis 200 Dimensions


Optimal ventilation is a hallmark of a comfortable camping experience, and the Nevis 200 delivers in this aspect. Not once did we feel stuffy or claustrophobic when using this tent. The Nevis 200 incorporates a breathable inner fabric with a partially meshed door and a venting system, ensuring a steady airflow while keeping those pesky insects (specifically midges) at bay. This feature proved invaluable in warmer conditions, preventing condensation even when we spent longer mornings and evenings inside. 

Vango Nevis at Night

Weather Resistance:

Built to weather various conditions, the Vango Nevis 200 boasts a waterproof Protex® 70 denier polyester flysheet with a hydrostatic head rating of 5000mm, providing reliable protection against heavy rainfall. The bathtub-style groundsheet further fortified its weather resistance, which prevented water infiltration from the ground. This was tested in the Cairngorms in Scotland, so you can rest assured of it's wet-weather performance. The semi-geodesic design of the tent ensured stability even in windy conditions, positioning it as a suitable choice for three-season camping at the very least.

Interior Features:

Mesh storage pockets within the tent offered convenient storage for small items like our phones, flashlights and medicine, contributing to a clutter-free living space. The color-coded poles and tabs streamlined the setup process, making it accessible even for novice campers. There is space for two comfortable sleeping bags, which are now available as a bundle option, curated by our product experts!

Vango Nevis 200


In conclusion, the Vango Nevis 200 2-person tent is a standout choice for backpackers and hikers seeking a lightweight, durable, and user-friendly shelter. Its thoughtful design, weather-resistant features, and effective ventilation make it a reliable companion for a diverse range of outdoor adventures. While not designed for extreme winter conditions, the Nevis 200 exceled in three-season camping scenarios, providing a balanced and enjoyable camping experience. Consider this tent if you prioritize a harmonious blend of weight and functionality, and set yourself up for memorable camping escapades. Check out the Nevis 100 if you are thinking of a solo adventure and need something that is even more lightweight!



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