Amplicomms BigTel 1580 Big Button Phone Review

Amplicomms BigTel 1580 Big Button Phone Review

The Amplicomms 1580 has been designed as a simple phone solution for hard of hearing customers, who may struggle with complex models. Our experts put it through its paces to see if lives up to the billing. Read on to hear what we thought about it!

Design & build

The 1580 is set up for absolute ease of use. Extra-large buttons mean it is easy for hard of sight customers to navigate the system. And with the ability of programming the quick dial keys, you’ll be able to call your most important contacts at the click of a button. The corded and cordless combination offers you that familiarity of a corded unit while still having the freedom of the cordless handset. Also, with the integrated answer machine this can be accessed on either unit, so you’ll never miss a message. 

Set up

Amplicomms have made it extremely easy to get started with the phones. Simply connect the corded unit into your phone line and into a power socket and you’re ready to go. With the cordless unit you only need to connect the charging cradle into a power supply. This should connect automatically to your corded system, however if not, it can be done manually in less than a minute so no need to worry.

Sound quality

This has a good standard sound quality on both the earpiece and handsfree speaker without being exceptional. However, it is the volume that sets this model apart from other corded and cordless combinations. As well as adjustable volume, the handsets also boost an extra audio boost feature. This extra volume level is extremely beneficial for hard of hearing customers. The 1580 also offers an extra loud ringer to make sure the call can be heard throughout the house; this can stretch up to 90db so should be loud enough for most spaces.


When it comes to signal range, the Amplicomms 1580 uses standard DECT wireless technology. This is the same as all our cordless phone units that we offer. The cordless phone offers a range of up to 50 metres indoors and up to 300 metres outdoors, allowing you the freedom to take in any room.

Additional Features

This comes with an integrated answer machine which offers an excellent 60 minute of recording time. As well as being aimed at hard of hearing, this phone is also ideal for hard of sight customers. With extra large buttons and the option of jumbo text on the backlit display screen, you should find this is much easier to get around. The system also includes an integrated phonebook which can hold up to 100 entries. You can also use the specific quick dial keys which you can programme to call your most important contacts at the click of a button.

Amplicomms BigTel 1580: The Verdict

The Amplicomms 1580 is one of the standout options for hard of sight and hard of hearing customers. Pairing excellent volume levels and large buttons, phone calls have never been easier!

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