Gigaset C530A Cordless Phone Review

Gigaset C530A Cordless Phone Review

The Gigaset C530A is one of the brand’s most affordable models, but that doesn’t mean it cuts back on features. Along with stellar sound quality, this handset also looks the part, and even comes with an integrated digital answering machine in the base. A great choice for those looking to enjoy all the benefits that come with a Gigaset phone, at a price that’s easy on anyone’s wallet.

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Design & build

In terms of design, the C530A is based around that classic cordless phone look. Of course, being a Gigaset model, it’s got a touch of added flair that makes it a little more refined than your average handset. For one thing, it’s beautifully ergonomic, fitting beautifully in the hand. That makes all the difference when it comes to calls, since the last thing you want is a handset that’s uncomfortable to use. During our tests, we found the C530A a joy to use, even for long periods of time.

All that means nothing if the handset is difficult to use- but again, the Gigaset C530A doesn’t disappoint here. Its 1.8” screen is crystal clear, and if your eyesight isn’t all that it used to be, you can always increase the font size so it’s easier to read. The buttons are all a reasonable size, too, which makes it that much easier to use.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the build quality of the C530A. Just by picking up the handset, you can instantly feel that it’s nice and solid. Unlike many other cordless phone companies, Gigaset always go the extra mile when it comes to putting their phones together. Plus, if anything should go wrong, remember you’ve always got a 2-year warranty to cover the phone.


Despite being a cordless phone, the Gigaset C530A is as simple to set up as a corded landline. Just plug the base unit into the mains and the phone line, and it can make and receive calls right away. If you’re thinking of purchasing multiple handsets then you’ll need to pair each one up to the base, but this is a very simple process. In fact, the handset will talk you through how to do it itself!

Sound quality

Gigaset are famous for their incredible sound quality, but does that reputation extend to their mid-range models? When testing the sound quality, we tried out a variety of different setups. Landline to landline, landline to mobile, through headsets and hands-free… we made sure to cover all bases. Sure enough, the C530A performs brilliantly, no matter how you’re using it. The sound quality remained crystal-clear throughout our tests, living up to Gigaset’s promise of HD audio. In fact, it’s roughly on the same level as its more high-end sibling, the S850A, giving users great value for money.


Like nearly all cordless phones, the maximum range of the Gigaset C530A is 50 metres indoors and 300 metres outdoors. However, it’s important to note that “maximum” isn’t necessarily what you’ll get. There are all sorts of factors that can cut this range down considerably, from thick walls to interference from other electronics. Plus, the lower the price, the worse range you tend to get. That’s why we always test this out for ourselves, to see if each handset really is up to standard.

We’re pleased to say that the C530A performed remarkably well for a mid-range model. We achieved close to the maximum range when we tried it out, and it performs just as well outside as it does inside. Even at long distances, the sound quality still remains at a decent level, and there’s always the option of adding a repeater to double that range- something you can’t do with BT models.

Additional features

As well as being a great handset in itself, the C530A comes with a whole host of handy extra features, too. Most importantly, it comes with an integrated digital answering machine that offers up to 30 minutes of recording time. It also allows you to screen your calls- a handy feature for when you’re unsure whether it’s worth picking up the phone. Another way of keeping annoying calls at bay comes in the form of a selectable day/night switch. Just flip this, and the ringer will be muted until you turn it back on. This really comes in handy at mealtimes when you don’t want to be disturbed!

Alongside these features, there’s also all the standard options you’d expect from a cordless phone nowadays: a 150-capacity phonebook, caller ID, an alarm function, and so on. It’s also worth mentioning the C530A’s great battery life while we’re at it. With up to 14 hours of talk time and up to 300 hours on standby, you could potentially leave the handset out of the charging cradle for over a week before you'd need to recharge it. Perfect if you find yourself always losing handsets down the back of the sofa!

Gigaset C530A: The Verdict

If you’re looking for a cordless phone that offers great value for money without holding back on quality, then the Gigaset C530A is definitely a great choice. The sound quality is just as sharp through the loudspeaker as it is through the earpiece, so much so that it blows similarly-priced rivals from Panasonic clean out of the water. Stylish and functional, you really can’t go wrong with this model!

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