How to Register RTX 4022 Repeater with Panasonic Phones

How to Register RTX 4022 Repeater with Panasonic Phones

Many people assume that Panasonic phones will only work with Panasonic repeaters. In fact, though, they are also fully compatible with the RTX 4022 repeater, as well as our very own liGo Repeater. That's great news for users, since the RTX repeater comes with a much more affordable price tag! Pairing them up couldn't be simpler, and you can then enjoy up to double the range on your cordless phones.

To help you get your new repeater set up, we've put together the following video. You'll also find a written walkthrough below.

To get the most out of your repeater, you'll want to place it as far away from your base unit as possible. If you do that while setting up, though, you'll end up running around your home as you press various buttons. To make things simpler, we suggest setting up the repeater next to the base. Once the two of them are paired up, you can then reposition it to get the maximum range.

Step 1: Put your handset into repeater mode

Panasonic phones are designed to be repeater-compatible. Unlike Gigaset phones, they come with a dedicated repeater mode. To get started, go into the "Initial Setup" menu on your handset, scroll up until you find "Repeater Mode", and turn this on.

Step 2: Put the repeater into pairing mode

Now that the phone system is set up, the next step is to plug your repeater in to the mains. Then, flip the repeater over and look for the button pictured below- it looks a little like a toggle. Hold this button down for at least ten seconds, until the light on the front starts to blink twice.

Step 3: Connect the repeater and phone base

The final step is to sync up the repeater and base station. On the base, find the paging button, which looks like a speaker. Hold this down for a few seconds, until the base starts to beep.

The light on the front of the repeater should now turn a solid green, to show you that it's paired up successfully. When it does, press the paging button on your base again to stop it beeping.

Now that the repeater is paired up with your phones, unplug it, and plug it in again as far as you can get from your base station. If the light doesn't turn green, then the repeater is out of range- you'll need to position it a little closer to the base. Alternatively, try making a test call and walking away from your base. When the signal cuts out- you know how far you can get!

One final thing to mention: while the process itself is fairly straightforward, RTX repeaters can sometimes be a bit tricky to set up. There's less chance of something going wrong when pairing it to a Panasonic phone than a Gigaset phone, but it is still a possibility. If that should happen- for example, if the light on the repeater doesn't do what it's supposed to- then unplug the repeater, leave it for about 20 seconds, and then start the process again.

If you get stuck while setting up your repeater, then our customer service team are always here to help. Call us on 03333 44 80 44, and we'll be more than happy to assist you!

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