How to Register the liGo Repeater with Gigaset Phones

How to Register the liGo Repeater with Gigaset Phones

The liGo Repeater allows you to extend the range of your cordless phones up to twice as far. Setting it up might seem daunting, but not to worry. We're here to help you through the process in just a couple of minutes. Watch the video below, or scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

Before You Start

To get the most out of a repeater, it needs to be placed away from your phone base. However, if you do this before you pair them up, then you'll end up having to run from one end of your home to the other as you set up the repeater. For this reason, we recommend that you use a spare power socket in the same room as your phone base.

Put Your Handsets In Repeater Mode

Before setting up the repeater, you'll need to get your handsets configured properly. Take one of them, open up the Settings menu, and scroll down until you find "ECO DECT" or "Eco Mode". In this sub-menu, make sure that ECO mode is off, and maximum range is turned on.

With that done, go back into the main Settings menu, scroll up to "System", and turn "Encryption" off.

Pairing the Repeater with your Base

Now that your phone system is ready for the repeater, the next step is to pair them up. First, hold down the paging key on your phone base station for around five seconds. If the base has a built-in speaker, then it will beep to tell you that it's in pairing mode. Other bases, like the Gigaset GO Box, won't beep. As long as you have held down the button for five seconds, though, it will be ready to pair with the repeater.

Next, plug your repeater into the power, flip it over, and hold down the button to the left of the label firmly for approximately ten seconds. If done correctly, then the light on the front of the repeater should begin to flash rapidly.

Finally, take your handset again, and press 2 and then the green call button. Wait for two seconds, then press the star key and the red end call button. The light on the front of the repeater should now turn a solid green, meaning it is paired up successfully.

Positioning Your Repeater

Now that the repeater is connected to the base, it will stay paired even if you unplug it from the power. You can now go ahead and reposition the repeater as far as you can get from the base station while still within range. It will then boost the signal it takes in, and give you up to double the range from your cordless phones.

We hope that you have found this guide useful, and that your liGo Repeater is now successfully paired up. If you need any help, or have a question about your new repeater, then please get in touch with us directly. Our customer service team will be more than happy to help!

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