Top 5 Cordless Phones with Loudspeakers

Top 5 Cordless Phones with Loudspeakers

Deciding on which cordless phone is the best option for your needs can come down to many factors. This will depend on the purpose of the phone and the environment that it will operate in. However, the key focus will always be on the sound quality and audio performance. Ensuring that the phone provides crystal-clear audio at an audible volume is crucial.

This is particularly important with the loudspeaker component as this helps provide more flexibility when making calls on the handset. Whether you are making handsfree calls or need more volume, this is the best way to do it. Taking this in to consideration, we thought it would be great to showcase the best performing handsets for this.

Pulling from a wide range of products, we have carefully selected the best performing handsets. These handsets offer a loudspeaker which provide highly-defined sound quality with excellent volume. If you are looking for some advice with your next handset, then you are in the correct place.

1. Siemens Gigaset Premium C575A Cordless Phone (£69.99)

  • Best-in-class full duplex loudspeaker with HD sound
  • Large 2.2” TFT colour display with modern user interface
  • Extra-large phonebook: up to 200 contacts with 3 numbers per entry
  • Block nuisance callers by adding specific numbers to a blacklist
  • Flexible stand-alone base with integrated answering machine

Experience call audio like you've never experienced before with the Siemens Gigaset C575A. This is the latest release within the Gigaset range and focuses on maximising the sound quality and overall user experience. What this handset lacks in features, it makes up for with superior sound quality and audio design.

Sound quality and performance are a key component of Gigaset's design and manufacturing. The Gigaset C575A handset is no exception. Conversations are consistently crystal-clear and defined. The volume is easily adjustable at any time and sound profiles can be personalised. These acoustic profiles help balance frequency levels to optimise your listening experience.

In addition to this, the loudspeaker available matches this standard of audio performance. The C575A provides a full duplex HD loudspeaker which is perfect for all environments. Switching from the ear-piece on the handset to the loudspeaker is simple and smooth. Pressing the Green Call Button on the handset will activate the loudspeaker feature.

Finally, whilst the Gigaset C575A is light on advanced features, it does offer many features which are beneficial. This includes many call blocking features to help reduce unwanted incoming calls. Providing both an anonymous call block facility and a dedicated block list for up to fifteen numbers.

2. Siemens Gigaset Premium E390A Cordless Phone (£69.99)

  • Best-in-class full duplex loudspeaker with HD sound
  • Extra loud volume boost
  • Large 2.2” TFT colour display with easy to read jumbo font
  • SOS emergency call function

Designed to make the calling process as easy as possible, this handset maximises both audio quality and volume. The inclusion of multiple acoustic profiles and an amplified volume boost makes this phone incredibly accessible. This is the perfect option for those that are hard of hearing and require some extra assistance.

User-accessibility is the key focus for the Gigaset E390A handset. Being able to select which settings suit you the most allows for the optimal design of the handset. For example, the handset offers two separate acoustic profiles (High/Low) depending on your needs. These settings will adjust the way that the audio sounds on the handset.

In addition to this, the handset offers five different levels of sound. This includes the ability to amplify the sound to make the audio as loud as possible. This is the loudest handset that is currently within the range thanks to this feature. This works with the ear-piece and the loudspeaker. Whether you are hard-of-hearing or work in a loud environment, this is the best choice to go for.

Aside from the volume assistance available, the Gigaset E390A offers plenty of features to make this accessible. The inclusion of large buttons and magnified text makes this handset easier to read. If you struggle to read the text on a regular handset, then this is an excellent solution.

Finally, the Gigaset E390A offers a unique feature by providing SOS contacts. This allows for a total of four emergency contacts. When activating this feature, the handset will dial these contacts until someone answers the call. This will also send an emergency text to alert the other person.

3. Siemens Gigaset SL450A GO Cordless Phone (£109.99) 

  • Address book for up to 500 entries with up to 3 telephone numbers each
  • Bluetooth® 2.0 and micro USB for data synchronisation with the PC
  • Excellent HD Sound Quality
  • Future-proof with full VoIP compatibility

The Gigaset SL450A GO provides the perfect blend of luxurious design with advanced product features. This high-spec premium phone is suitable for both home and office environments. Designed for analogue and VoIP systems, this will suit those that want to get the most out of their phone. There are certainly a wealth of features available with this handset that makes it a cut above the rest.

The inclusion of Gigaset's High Definition Sound Performance (HDSP) technology allows for sound quality to be crisp and defined. Pairing this with a frequency band that is twice that of a standard cordless phone, this handset provides unparalleled quality. Designed to enhance natural voice tones and reduce distortion in the background for extreme clarity. Whether you are using the ear-piece or the loudspeaker, high quality sound performance is a guarantee.

Providing a wide range of connections, the Gigaset SL450A GO handset is extremely versatile. This handset offers a DECT, Bluetooth, and micro-USB connection. Designed to allow connections to headsets and similar devices to be fast and efficient. In addition to this, the handset offers mobile/PC contact synchronisation.

With the extensive list of features available, this handset is easily the most technologically impressive device on this list. However, this does result in a much higher price in comparison. Though if you are looking for the most advanced handset, then look no further.

4. Panasonic KX-TGH720 (£54.99)


  • Enhanced volume- up to 70% louder than other Panasonic phones
  • Nuisance call blocking for up to 1000 numbers
  • 200-entry phonebook
  • Do Not Disturb mode

Providing a combination of excellent sound quality with a sleek modern design, this handset is an excellent choice. Designed to be 70% louder than other handsets within the range, this is perfect for those require a volume boost. In addition to this, it offers crystal-clear sound quality and nuisance call blocking features.

This phone system continues Panasonic's legacy of delivering reliable high-quality cordless phones. However, this comes with the additional bonus of having a volume boost. This makes this the loudest phone currently within the Panasonic range. Adjusting the volume is easy and can be quickly done at the touch of a button. Furthermore, this handset comes with a full-duplex loudspeaker. This allows for calls to be crystal-clear whether you are using the ear-piece or loudspeaker.

The Panasonic KX-TGH720 is also extremely capable at blocking nuisance calls. The inclusion of a nuisance call block button on the handset allows you to block 1000 numbers. In addition to this, there is an 'Automated Call Block' setting available. This feature will instantly disconnect any automated calls before they can ring through.

Designed to offer excellent sound performances with a high functioning block system, this is the perfect house phone. The volume boost makes this ideal for those that are hard of hearing or work in a busy environment. The wide variety of call blocking options will ensure that you are never disturbed with unwanted calls.

5. Panasonic KX-TGJ320 (£64.99)


  • Nuisance Call Blocking
  • Talking Caller ID
  • Phonebook for up to 250 contacts
  • Large 1.8" full-colour display
  • Answering machine with up to 40mins recording time

The final entry on to our list comes is the Panasonic KX-TGJ320. Providing a blend of high quality audio and stylish design, this handset is a great mid-level model. This comes complete with user-friendly features and menus which are easy to navigate.

The Panasonic KX-TGJ320 provides excellent sound quality with both the ear-piece and loudspeaker. There is no dip in quality when transitioning between the two different styles of listening. Furthermore, this handset also offers an equaliser button function. This allows for adjustments on the sound profiles and frequencies. This is a feature which is unique to this Panasonic handset.

The levels of sound quality will be equal on both the ear-piece and the loudspeaker. You should not expect the audio levels to drop when switching between these modes which allows for more flexible calls. The integrated answer machine will also provide maximum quality thanks to the quality of loudspeaker available.

In addition to the high level of audio quality available, the KX-TGJ320 also provides many useful features. The call blocking features available on this handset allow for complete call management. This allows for an anonymous call block as well as a block on particular individual numbers. These blocking features help ensure that you are never bothered with any spam calls.

Finally, the Panasonic KX-TGJ320 provides a Talking Caller ID facility. This feature will announce the name of the incoming caller when the call rings through. This ensures that you are always aware of who is phoning without having to look at the phone. A handy feature that really adds a unique aspect to this phone system.


Deciding on which option is best for you comes down to many contributing factors. In terms of overall sound quality, the Gigaset handsets are by far the best choice. The levels of audio performance that they offer is unrivalled. The Gigaset C575A is our top choice within this range.

If you are working with a slightly lower budget, then the Panasonic units are an excellent choice. The volume boost available on the Panasonic KX-TGH720 makes this one of the loudest units. This helps provide a perfect blend of excellent sound quality and loud call volume.

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