Dualit Classic Toaster Review

Dualit Classic Toaster Review

The Dualit Classic Toaster was created in 1946, making it one of the most iconic and durable products on the market. How can this toaster still compete for the top spot after so many years? To find out, our experts have put it to the test in an in-depth review.

Design & Build

The design of the toaster plays a role in its success, from the curved retro lines and stainless steel body. This gives a timeless, sleek design which can fit effortlessly into any modern or traditional kitchen interior. The Dualit Classic Toaster features a robust and sturdy construction as it is built to last.

The curved edges of the Dualit Classic Toaster gives a softer and more refined look compared to boxy toaster standard. The subtle detailing such as the engraved branding or patterned elements adds a touch of elegance to its appearance.

Every Classic Toaster is hand-assembled from start to finish in West Sussex, UK. A personal and unique touch is the name of the assembler who built your toaster is on the base plate. This is to ensure that quality and attention to detail are paramount and personal.

It is apparent that Dualit carefully dissect their design aspects when creating a toaster. The wide slots are designed to fit thick bread, buns and sandwich cages. The slots are 28mm wide x 140mm high x 1290 mm long (front to back). The Classic Toaster has award winning Patented Proheat, giving you more durability and lifespan.

You can ensure that you are control of your toast with the dual controls on the front of the toaster. The top dial allows you to select the number of slices you wish to toast and the following dial is the mechanical timer with added defrost for controlled defrosting or toasting. There is a neon light that will illuminate to indicate the power supply when the toaster is on.


If you value even toasting capabilities and consistent, evenly browned toast then the ProHeat system may be appealing to you.

Firstly, you can select how long you want to toast instead of browning levels, making it more time efficient. The required toasting time is affected by the freshness, thickness and type of bread. The following chart is the Dualit guideline on browning instructions, tailored to your bread type.

The Dualit Classic Toaster is designed to toast quickly. It typically heats up rapidly and efficiently, allowing for a faster browning time in comparison to other toasters or using a conventional oven.

The manual peek and pop ejector is great for toasting control, allowing you to view your browning stages without disturbing the toasting process. An added high lift mechanism is helpful to remove small items with ease. To avoid your toaster moving around on uneven surfaces, there is adjustable rear feat. A bonus is the removable crumb tray that keeps your surfaces crumb-free and toaster clean!

An interesting feature on this toaster is the selector control for individual or all four slots which is hard to find in other toasters. There is a selector control buns or bagels, giving you more versatility.

The Classic Toaster is built to withstand regular use, which is backed by its reputation for long-lasting performance. Dualits' interchangeable and replacement parts contribute to the extending lifespan of this toaster.

The Verdict:

Although at the higher price point, the Dualit Classic Toaster is unbeatable when it comes to design, functionality and durability. This makes it seem more than worth the investment.  If you invest in a toaster that will last you years and is great for busy families looking for a reliable, effective, and durable toaster then you will not regret this investment!

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