How to be Gluten-free with Panasonic's Breadmaker

How to be Gluten-free with Panasonic's Breadmaker

Embark on a journey of delicious and wholesome gluten-free delicacy's , home-made with the Panasonic breadmaker. Whether you're following a this lifestyle by choice or necessity, creating your own dough is a rewarding experience that guarantees flavour and satisfaction!

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What is a Gluten-free diet?

 This diet excludes the consumption of foods containing the protein which is found in wheat, barley and rye. This lifestyle is essential for managing signs and symptoms of celiac disease or other medical conditions associated with gluten. However, in recent years there has been increased interest in this lifestyle. Those who have not been diagnosed with any gluten-related medical condition are intrested as the benefits of improved health and increased energy. 8.5 million people in the UK are estimated to have now gone gluten-free!


Gluten-free grains such as Amaranth are packed with vitamins and minerals. This includes vitamin C and more protein than any other whole grain. Black wheat is another great source of Zinc, copper and other minerals. Teff is a grain that is high in calcium and vitamin C. If you are celiac sensitive, eating gluten triggers can cause an adverse reaction by your immune system. This can unfortunately cause bloating and stomach pain. Removing gluten from your diet will manage uncomfortable symptoms and prevent long-term damage to your gut health and complications.

Enjoying Gluten-free at home.

This lifestyle should not mean you have to compromise on flavour and enriched meals! The Panasonic breadmaker allows you to enjoy an abundance of options that are delicious, easy and simple. Most think making dough is a lot of work yet this is why the Panasonic breadmaker has a variety of 30 programmes. These include gluten-free programmes at the touch of a button. Add your favourite ingredients such as olives, herbs, dried fruits, nuts that will allow you to enjoy the same healthy meals without the hassle!


The Panasonic technology makes the breadmaker programs perfectly harmonized to carefully adapt to the specific needs of gluten-free dough whether this is for a loaf, cake, pizza or pasta dough, ensuring that even with these treats, the Panasonic breadmaker will produce the optimum results.