Kenwood UBZ-LJ9SET Two-Way Radio Review

Kenwood Walkie-Talkie Review

In the quest for reliable communication tools, our team recently put the Kenwood UBZ-LJ9SET Two-Way Radio to the test. As outdoor enthusiasts and audio communication experts, we understand the critical role that clear and efficient communication plays in various scenarios, both outdoors and in work environments. Join us as we share our first-hand experience with this compact and feature-rich two-way radio set that promises to elevate your connectivity game.

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Walkie-Talkies in Action:

Our encounter with the UBZ-LJ9SET in the great outdoors showcased its robust yet lightweight design, which left a lasting impression. We took these radios on our latest outdoor adventure, where the terrain ranged from challenging trails to clear farmlands. The sturdiness of the construction and the ergonomic design made them easy to carry, proving their durability in the face of the unpredictable outdoors. 


The real test came when we explored the radio's range in diverse environments. For example, we tried them out when we returned to the city and found that the UBZ-LJ9SET consistently delivered reliable performance, only dropping by 2-3km in range compared to when we travelled further afield, away from larger buildings. It should be noted that these radios have less range than other models, such as the Talkabout range from Motorola. However, the drop in performance across different environments does not fluctuate much with the Kenwood’s and thus, can be trusted by those not needing to cover distances over 6km. In a warehouse environment, these beauties can keep strong signal over 1km, perfect in large warehouses and across buildings if needed. Clear communication prevailed even in areas where other radios might falter, thanks to its advanced technology that minimizes interference.

Battery Life:

One of the most notable features of the UBZ-LJ9SET is its impressive battery life. During our outdoor excursions, which often extended into the night, these radios endured without the need for constant recharging. The long-lasting battery proved invaluable, ensuring that our communication remained uninterrupted throughout our journeys. We would recommend that you charge these up every night just to be certain, especially if you are on an adventure into remote areas. The battery life does match what the manufacturer states and that is a solid 17-18 hours of clear audio communication.


Setting up and operating the UBZ-LJ9SET was a breeze. The well-designed buttons and controls, coupled with the informative user manual, allowed us to dive into its features effortlessly. This was especially appreciated during high-energy moments when quick and easy communication was essential.


Our time with the UBZ-LJ9SET revealed several unique features that truly set it apart. The weather-resistant design proved its worth during unexpected rain showers, and the emergency alert function gave us an extra layer of security during our adventures. Not to mention the vibrant colours, meaning even the clumsiest of our group could not lose a device!


We tested the Kenwood UBZ-LJ9SET in real-world scenarios and we can confidently recommend it as a top-tier choice for anyone seeking dependable two-way communication. Whether you're an avid explorer, event coordinator, or simply someone who values staying connected, the UBZ-LJ9SET stands out as a reliable companion that seamlessly combines durability, performance, and user-friendly design. Whether you are in need of a pair of Kenwood's or a Twelve pack for your team, liGo has got you covered!



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