Midland G7 Pro Work Two-Way Radios Review

Midland G7 Pro Work Review

The Midland G7 Pro is a brand new set of two-way radios from a brand you may not have heard of before. However, while they may not be as big a name as the likes of Motorola, they still impressed us on paper with their design and spec. This particular "Work Edition" includes a hard case and additional accessories, which makes it an ideal choice for busy workplaces. But are they worth investing in, or would you be better off with another model? Our experts put them to the test in another of our in-depth reviews. Read on to find out what we thought of them!

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In terms of design, Midland haven't exactly reinvented the wheel with the G7 Pro. They are fairly standard two-way radios, but with a few tweaks to make them especially suited to industrial users. They fit comfortably in the hand, with a ridged design that ensures they won't easily slip out of your hand. This means they are a solid choice for those working with gloves on.

One thing that stood out to us about these walkie talkies was the distinctive green backlight on the LCD screen. Our experts felt that this gave the radios something of a "cat's eyes" appearance when viewing both of them together. However, it also makes it easier to see the display screen in less-than-optimal lighting.

All of the main controls for the Midland G7 are located in the centre of the radio. Again, this makes it very easy to operate with gloves on, as all the buttons are within thumb's reach, but spaced-out enough that you aren't going to hit the wrong one by mistake. The push-to-talk (or PTT) button is maybe not the largest that we've come across, but still big enough and in a comfortable position to use.

Ease of Use

As license-free two-way radios, the Midland G7s are unsurprisingly very easy to use. Straight out of the box, they will all be paired to the same frequency, so you can start using them right away. However, we would recommend changing this frequency if you're using them in a built-up or industrial area. This will mean that you're less likely to pick up transmissions from others who are also using license-free radios. All you need to do, though, is make sure you change all your radios to the same frequency- and you're all set! Selecting channels and sub-codes is very straightforward whether you're familiar with two-way radios or new to them, and that backlit LCD screen makes it easy to see what you're doing.

Each radio comes with its own belt clip, which can be attached or removed as you see fit. As well clipping them onto your belt, they could also be used to hook onto a bag strap if you're using these radios while hiking. They include in the pack two belt clips, which attached the handset to your belt (Or bag strap, or clothing) quite well.


In terms of the radios themselves, the standard G7 Pro and Work Edition are exactly the same. The latter, though, comes with some extra accessories which make it more suited to industrial use. First and foremost, they include a stronger ABS case. This protects the device from shock if it gets dropped in transit, so the radios are less likely to be damaged. If you're planning on using these across construction sites, then that's a very useful feature indeed!

The Midlands G7 Pro Work Edition has a rechargeable battery pack included, which offers up to 18 hours of use before it's time to recharge. They can also accommodate standard batteries too (the regular version doesn't come with the battery pack), so if you wanted to bring along some extra batteries just in case, you'd be able to swap these out.


Of course, one of the most important things to consider when choosing two-way radios is the range. The Midland G7 Pro Work offers a maximum of 10km range. Of course, this is only the maximum you could get under perfect conditions. For the vast majority of users, the range that they get won't be anywhere near this. However, when testing these for ourselves, we found that they achieved more than enough range for use in a warehouse, on a building site, or general outdoor activity. In a built-up area, you'll likely get a little over 1km range, whereas moving out into a rural area, we found that edged up closer to 2.5km.

One unique feature of the G7 Pro is that is has a "boost" button right below the PTT button. When you press this, the radio broadcasts at a slightly higher power than normal. So, if you found that the signal maybe isn't as clear as you'd like it to be, then this should help a little. However, it's worth noting that broadcasting on this higher power all the time will have a significant effect on the battery life of the radios.

Midland G7 Pro Work: The Verdict

While the Midland G7 is a bit more expensive that other radios of a similar spec, it more than makes up for this with its sound quality as well as a host of handy features. All in all, this walkie talkie is ideal for the outdoors as well as for business use.

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