Bookshelf Speakers

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Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are the perfect way to add the joy of music to your living room. If you are yet to delve into the world of premium speakers, then you really don’t know what you’re missing out on. In a world where most people are content to make do with cheap headphones and built-in TV speakers, these high-end standalone units offer a whole new world of audio quality. It’s like rediscovering for the very first time all the music that you thought you knew.

Small size, big sound

While full-size speaker units undoubtedly sound fantastic, they aren’t for everyone. For one thing, the sheer price of these speakers- which can run into the thousands- puts them well outside most people’s budgets. In addition, such units tend to dominate a room, being several feet tall and incredibly hard to place out of sight. That’s fine if you want to dedicate a whole corner to your hi-fi setup, but it can really narrow your interior design options.

Bookshelf speakers, on the other hand, provide the perfect balance between size and sound. Small enough to easily fit on a shelf or table, you’re free to place them wherever you like. Some of our most stylish bookshelf speakers, such as the Ruark MRx, are statement pieces in themselves! Despite their size, though, our range of bookshelf speakers are all powerful enough to fill your living room with powerful, high-clarity sound. Using some clever engineering, along with top-quality components, these speakers manage to achieve the kind of audio quality you’d expect from much larger models.

Browse our curated range of Bookshelf Speakers

Here at liGo, we stock a superb range of hand-picked bookshelf speakers. Our team of audio experts have carefully selected each one based on our high standards. We have tested countless bookshelf speakers in our mission to find the very best. The first thing that we look for is sound quality, as not all bookshelf speakers are created equal. Only the highest quality audio components provide the kind of audio that cuts it for us. From bass to treble, we meticulously measure performance to ensure all our products stack up.

However, that’s only one side of things. Aesthetics are also an essential part of our selection process. We believe that appearance and functionality should go hand in hand, and that every addition to your living room should be as stylish as it is useful. That’s why we stock brands such as Ruark and Revo, who understand this better than anyone.

The great thing about our fantastic range of bookshelf speakers is that they all come with Bluetooth connectivity. That means you don’t need to plug your phone or tablet directly into the speaker to enjoy all your favourite music. Instead, you can simply connect up from the comfort of your favourite seat, and instantly start streaming whatever you like. What’s more, most of them also include a wide range of physical connection ports, including optical input. That makes them ideal for use with your TV and hi-fi, too!

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