Top 10 - Best Bluetooth Headsets of 2023

What's the best Bluetooth headset to buy? Discover our top ten best Bluetooth headset recommendations of the year.

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Our experts put Bluetooth headsets through a wide range of real-world tests to determine the best models on the market.

Bluetooth headsets are the ideal way to boost productivity, wherever you are. In the workplace, they allow you to comfortably take calls without having to use a phone handset. That means your hands are free to type, making them the ideal choice for busy office workers.

But the advantage of Bluetooth headsets over DECT headsets is that they will also work with other devices, too. For instance, you can pair the headset up to your mobile for making calls while you’re out and about, saving you from having to hold the phone to your ear. They also allow you to talk on the phone safely- and legally- while driving, since you don’t need to touch the phone to use it. You don’t just have to use them for talking either, since they are also an excellent choice for listening to music. Some of the products below are even certified for use with Microsoft Skype, so they’re a great option for video calls as well.

We’ve carefully selected the following list of ten of the very best Bluetooth headsets on the market. Our experts assess all the very latest offerings from top brands like Jabra, Sennheiser, and Plantronics. We have only included headsets that provide excellent sound quality, as well as quick and easy setup.

Read on to discover our top picks, or alternatively give us a call for further advice!

What we look for in Bluetooth headsets:

  • Sound Quality
    Some Bluetooth headsets provide excellent sound quality, while others can be crackly, muffled, or even cut out completely. That’s why we assess the sound performance of all the headsets we stock.
  • Range
    One of the big benefits of Bluetooth benefits is that they allow you to move around while you’re on a call. We check the range of each headset to ensure it’s up to standard.
  • Usability
    A good headset should be easy to use and comfortable to wear. We conduct our own tests as well as speak to real users to find out how they perform in practise.
  • 1. Jabra EVOLVE 65 UC Stereo Wireless Headset
    Our Verdict

    Brilliant wireless headset for PC & Mobile - top quality, excellent value!

    What We Think

    The headset of choice for our own customer service department, the Jabra Evolve 65 is our top choice for any office or telesales environment. Available in UC (Unified Communication) and MS (Microsoft Skype for Business), it comes with the Jabra 360 USB Link adaptor for plug-and-play installation (making it ideal if you hot-desk) and utilises Bluetooth 3.0 for up 30 metres of wireless range. You can also use it simultaneously with another Bluetooth device, be it smartphone, tablet or laptop, and is one of the more stylish and comfortable headsets we’ve come across which makes it perfect for long business days. Also available in mono.

    Product Features
    • Up to 30 metres wireless range
    • Bluetooth Connectivity & NFC-enabled
    • Dual-connectivity allows you to connect the headset to PC & one other Bluetooth device
    • Includes Jabra Link™ 360 USB adapter for for VoIP softphone, mobile phone and tablet
    • 2 Years Guarantee included
    RRP: £155.00
    You Save: £25.01 (16%)
    Free Next Day Delivery
    Average Customer Review 4.85/5
    Editors Rating 99/100
    In stock, ready to dispatch.
  • 2. Jabra Engage 75 Stereo Wireless Headset
    What We Think

    A lightweight, ultra-connective top-of-the-range office headset. While it may not be the cheapest headset on the market, the Engage 75 is nonetheless an excellent choice for those who want the very best. Using the highest quality components, this headset offers some seriously impressive sound quality. It also provides up to 150m range, so it's a great choice for those who need to move around the office while on calls. It can even connect to up to five devices simultaneously!

    Product Features
    • Industry-leading wireless performance and density
    • All-day talk-time and integrated busylight
    • Advanced noise-cancelling microphone for crystal-clear calls
    • 150 metres DECT wireless range
    • Connect up to 5 devices
    • 2 Years Guarantee included
    RRP: £375.00
    You Save: £75.01 (20%)
    Free Next Day Delivery
    Average Customer Review 4.8/5
    Editors Rating 92/100
    In stock, ready to dispatch.
  • 3. Jabra Motion UC MS Bluetooth Wireless Headset
    What We Think

    The Jabra Motion is a flexible solution to your headset needs, easily pairing up with a variety of different devices to provide excellent sound quality whenever you need it. Comfortable to wear thanks to its adjustable boom arm and ear gels in 3 different sizes, it also features NFC functionality for one-touch pairing with compatible devices.

    Product Features
    • Intuitive call control
    • Best-in-class wireless freedom
    • Connects devices with a simple touch
    • Custom fit for optimal comfort
    • 2 Years Guarantee included
    RRP: £159.99
    You Save: £45 (28%)
    Free Next Day Delivery
    Editors Rating 90/100
    Out of Stock
  • 4. Plantronics Blackwire C720-M Stereo Corded Headset with Bluetooth
    What We Think

    The Blackwire 700 Series is the singular UC headset that combines corded reliability with wireless flexibility. Enjoy seamless call management and industry-first Smart Sensor technology for unprecedented ease of use - answer a call by simply putting on the headset, or pause mobile device media playback by taking it off. Advanced noise-cancelling, Digital Signal Processing, wideband PC audio, and hi-fi stereo sound create unmatched audio quality, and the detachable cable enables you to take your mobile calls throughout the office. With up to 10 hours of talk time, and a versatility that connects to all the devices in your work life, the Blackwire 700 Series is the most integrated, premium headset for UC.

    RRP: £119.99
    You Save: £14 (12%)
    Free Next Day Delivery
    Editors Rating 89/100
    Out of Stock
  • 5. Sennheiser MB Pro 1 Wireless Headset
    What We Think

    Optimized for major softphone and Unified Communications brands, MB Pro 1 UC and MB Pro 2 UC are premium Bluetooth® headsets for UC business professionals who demand wireless communication freedom, brilliant sound quality, and exceptional wearing comfort. With an ultra noise-canceling microphone equipped with a single channel noise reduction system, the MB Pro headsets reduce background noise.

    Product Features
    • Automatic adjustment of sound so it is optimised for each application
    • Wireless range of up to 25 metres
    • Ultra noise-cancelling microphone to eliminate background noise
    • 2 Years Guarantee included
    RRP: £189.99
    You Save: £81 (43%)
    Free Next Day Delivery
    Average Customer Review 4/5
    Editors Rating 89/100
    Out of Stock
  • 6. Plantronics Voyager 4210 Mono Bluetooth Headset with USB-A Dongle
    What We Think

    The Plantronics Voyager 4210 allows you to seamlessly switch between PC and mobile devices, so you can always stay connected. What's more, as a mono headset, you will still be able to hear what's going on around you, and with a dedicated mute button, it's a great choice for call centres. And there's no risk of you accidentally staying on mute- the headset will automatically give you a voice prompt if it detects you are speaking while muted. It even comes with a USB dongle, so it can be used with PCs that lack built-in Bluetooth.

    Product Features
    • Switch seamlessly between PC and mobile devices
    • Up to 12 hours' talk time from a single charge
    • Dedicated mute button
    • Includes Bluetooth USB dongle
    • 2 Years Guarantee included
    RRP: £139.99
    You Save: £14 (10%)
    Free Next Day Delivery
    Editors Rating 84/100
    Out of Stock
  • 7. BlueParrot B450-XT VXi Mono Wireless Headset
    What We Think

    The BlueParrott B450-XT VXi is a Bluetooth wireless headset designed for the most demanding environments. With advanced noise-cancelling technology which can block out up to 96% of background noise, it is an excellent choice for delivery drivers, call centre operatives, or just about anyone who needs to make clear calls in a loud area.

    The headset also features a unique VXi button, which can be customised to suit your precise requirements. From muting the microphone to speed dialling certain numbers, this

    Product Features
    • Noise cancelling blocks up to 96% of background noise
    • NFC connectivity for easy pairing
    • VXi multifunction button which can be customised to suit your unique requirements
    • Provides 24 hours' talk time from a single charge
    • 1 Year Guarantee included
    RRP: £139.99
    You Save: £36 (26%)
    Free Next Day Delivery
    Editors Rating 75/100
    Out of Stock

Our top 10 list of the best Bluetooth Headsets surely includes something for everyone, and every budget. We hope you found what you were looking for. Why not let us know about your favourite headset? We’re always keen to hear from our customers.

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