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Get your day off to the perfect start with our fantastic range of DAB radio alarm clocks. With superb sound quality and a range of great features, these are the ideal radios to wake up with.

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Radio alarm clocks used to be fairly boring bits of tech. But no longer- the latest bedside DAB radio alarm clocks come loaded with features and offer a huge choice of stations to wake up to. With around 30 stations available in any given area, there are plenty of reasons to make the switch to digital if you haven't already. But more than just offering a larger number of stations, the models listed here include some handy extra features. With dual alarm modes, you can enjoy a lie-in at the weekend. Many of them also include built-in Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can link up your smartphone to enjoy your own choice of music, or even drift off to sleep with a podcast or audiobook. Some even have USB charging ports, allowing you to power up your phone overnight.