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If you find that your cordless phones don't reach as far as you need them to, then a long-range model may be just what you need. With an included repeater for up to double the range, these bundles are ideal for larger properties or those with thick walls.

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Long Range Cordless Phones

Consider what an affordable home phone looked like 20 years ago. It was small but clunky, wired but with low quality sound, and not at all portable. To have a conversation, you either risked losing your signal on an early model cordless phone or had to sit tethered to the wall. If you had auto-dial, it was usually limited to five or ten numbers, and if you wanted an answering machine, it was typically another device entirely. Incredibly, the cordless phones on the market today offer outstanding sound quality, sleek design, loads of convenient features, and a long range, allowing you to talk easily and comfortably anywhere in your home or office. Take a look at the long range cordless phones available here at liGo, and you’ll see right away that these are truly advanced communication devices.

The Best Long Range Brands And Features At liGo

All the top brands are for sale at liGo: Siemens Gigaset, Panasonic, and more. Many models offer DECT sound technology for excellent audio performance both near and far from the base. You’ll find many other features too, such as built-in answering machines with high capacities, built-in contact lists that can store 100, 200, or more contacts, full colour LCD displays, and built-in loudspeakers for hands free conversation. Some models even have a built-in signal repeater for an even longer talk range.