Best Call-Centre Headsets 2024

Best Call-Centre Headsets 2024

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Featured in this article

1. Jabra Engage 65

2. Jabra Biz 2300

3. Plantronics Encore Pro HW720

4. Jabra Engage 75

5. Sennheiser SC230

What To Look For In A Call-Centre Headset?

Using a call-centre specific headset is vital to ensure call quality, functionality and reliability for both the users and importantly, the customer experience. Having worked with call-centres we've found that often they are using the ‘wrong’ style of headset. What makes it the right or wrong model? Read on to find out.

Call-centre agents use headsets in a completely different way compared to an office worker. Including being on far more calls throughout the day, taking their headset on and off constantly and being on far more calls with important customers rather than Teams meetings with fellow colleagues.

If you’re using a standard office headset in a call-centre environment, even if it’s from a reputable brand, the difference you will notice when comparing it against a contact-centre specific model is stark. Three main differences you will find are…

1. Noise Cancelling Specifically Built Into The Microphone

Typically office headsets have noise cancelling built into the ears so the user has sound blocked out. This makes sense to create focus while you get on with their task or project. Whereas contact-centre headsets have noise cancelling built into the mic. This means that the noise cancelling focuses on the customer, as they wont be able to hear any background noise and will have a crystal-clear conversation. For telemarketing, this means that as soon as the customer picks up the phone they don’t automatically hear a busy office environment, which can often lead to them hanging up the phone without even giving them a chance to pitch.

2. Robust, Flexible and Light

Many call-centres operate a hot desk policy meaning equipment is often getting thrown about. Along with this, the volume of calls an agent is on per day means the constant wearing and removal of the headset leads a standard office headset to wear and eventually break. Office models are not designed to be manipulated constantly, rather used less frequently for longer calls during the day. In our own experience when speaking to contact-centres they have expressed that they are having to replace headsets far more than they would like, when using this standard office style. That’s why call-centre specific headsets are designed with exactly that in mind. With far more flexibility and robustness to withstand the constant use and ultimately meaning it lasts much longer!

3.  Range and Call Quality

When it comes to wireless headsets, the standard office models use Bluetooth, with only 10 metres range. This is fine in a spacious office where desks are fairly spread but can often struggle in densely packed environment with 10+ headsets in close proximity. Alternatively, models like the Jabra Engage use DECT wireless connection instead. This allows for up to 150m range and is far more suited to densely packed areas with far less compromise in call quality. Poor call quality and breaking up can lead to frustration from customers and agents alike. When making hundreds of calls a day, you may not be able to always control the customer response, but having control over the call quality is one less thing to think about.

So What Do We Recommend?

  • Advanced noise-cancelling for crystal-clear calls
  • Up to 13 hours battery life
  • Up to 150m DECT wireless range
  • Connect up to 2 devices

The Jabra Engage range is our top recommendation for a wireless call-centre headset. It might look like a fairly regular headset, but it certainly packs a punch. With exceptional call quality, synonymous with Jabra. Alongside incredible noise-cancelling, which can practically handle a call next to roadworks. With 150m DECT range, agents are free to walk around and leave their desk if they’re in flow. While 13 hours of battery life means that you can be assured it’ll be with you until the end.

  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Tough and durable design
  • 360 degree boom

The Biz range is Jabra’s cost-effective wired option for a call-centre headset. Built specifically with a busy contact-centre in mind it’s equipped with highly effective noise-cancelling and uses in-line call controls for one touch answering. Although tough and durable, it remains lightweight for unobtrusive use all day.

  • Anti-Startle protection
  • Leatherette earpads
  • Slim and Stylish

The Plantronics Encore Pro is another wired option offering style coupled with great comfort for the user with leatherette earpads. The Anti-Startle protection detects and eliminates any spike in sound to limit the likelihood of an ‘acoustic startle’.

  • Industry-leading wireless performance and density
  • 13 hours talk time
  • Connect up to 5 devices
  • 150m DECT Range

The Engage 75 is the most premium contact-centre headset option on the list. With state-of-the art sound quality and microphone noise-cancellation, you can guarantee crystal-clear call quality every time. It can connect to up to 5 devices saving you time if you're hot desking.

  • Lightweight adjustable headband
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • In-line call control

The Sennheiser SC 230 offers is a solid choice for call centres looking for an affordable yet dependable headset. A monaural model designed for call centres using VoIP telephony systems. The built-in noise-cancelling microphone maintains high-definition voice clarity.


Investment in the correct technology is an investment in your business. There isn’t a much more important piece of equipment for a call-centre than the headset - the link between the customer and agent. A call-centre specific headset offers reliable call quality, making sure the customer isn’t getting frustrated and allowing the agent to concentrate on offering the best service without worrying about having to shout over background noise. While the robust product design means that you can be assured it will last even in the busiest environment.

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