Top 5 Best BT Cordless Phones

Top 5 Best BT Cordless Phones

Find out which BT handset offers the best value for money.

BT is one of the oldest and best known telecommunications companies in the UK. There have been many excellent BT cordless phones over the years with all sorts of great features. BT stands out with unparalleled call-blocking technology, and some fantastic designs. However, there are only a couple of entries from BT in our list of the Top 10 Best Home Phones as they are not always consistent in how well they fare in our testing.

BT still offers a huge range of different cordless phones, which are reasonably priced but vary in features and reliability. For Nuisance Call Blocking the brand is right up there with the best of them, as BT phones with Call Guardian built-in allow you to block up to 100% of cold callers. However, customer satisfaction tends to be mixed, and their sound quality isn't up there with the likes of Gigaset or Panasonic. A BT phone probably isn't the best bet, but if you are set on them as a brand, our team of experts have carefully assessed every single BT cordless phone on the market and rounded up the best of the bunch in our list of the top models currently available:

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With so many excellent choices available from BT, and endless features to choose from at that, we hope the liGo top 5 list of best cordless phones has made your buying choice a little easier