Best Two-Way Radios for Schools & Education

Best two-way radios for schools & education

What Should You Look For In A Walkie-Talkie?

Using two-way radios is vital for the majority of schools to communicate.  But what should you be looking for in a two-way radio? Firstly, most schools will be looking for license-free or PMR446 frequency. This means that you don’t require a specific license and can use the radios straight out of the box. These also tend to be more budget friendly as they don’t require such advanced technology. In terms of attributes that you should be looking for in a walkie talkie, we think there’s three main criteria…

1. Reliable Communication

The entire principle of two-way radios is to provide quick and reliable communication. In a educational environment, where teachers using the radios are responsible for the pupil’s welfare, it’s critical that you can rely on the connection every time. Investing in a reputable brands like Motorola and Cobra offers that reliability assurance.

In terms of range, the maximum given by manufacturers, is the result when testing in a large open plain with no buildings in between. In reality, when testing ourselves we have found that in a built-up area radios suggesting up to 8km max range can get around 1-2km. This is usually adequate in most schools, however it is worth considering if you are in a school with large grounds. Speak to our business team directly for longer range model recommendations. At liGo we offer a 30 day returns policy on our radios, so you have peace of mind that you can try the radio first.

2. Robust

The radios we sell are built to last! Using tried and tested brands not only offers superior audio but also build quality. A robust model is imperative as daily use combined with sharing them amongst staff means that not everyone looks after the radios the same way. Using the radios both outdoors and indoors a hard shell for drop protection as well as weatherproof functionality means the radios can withstand day to day wear and tear. Our radios come with a minimum one-year warranty which is activated by liGo on the date of purchase and our returns department are more than happy to test and replace if any radios show defects.

3. Easy to Use

As we’ve eluded to, typically the bank of radios will be used by a pool of staff members. This means you are looking for a device that you’re able to pick up and go without worrying about intricate setups every time you go out. Technology like the quick pairing button makes set up simple. By holding one button the radio will automatically tune in to the others in range and once connected it will remember the channel for the future.

Simple communication should mean simple design. Easy to follow button layouts allow for straightforward menu navigation without even looking at the manual. Finally, having re-chargeable batteries is a must. As a vital communication channel throughout the school, you can’t afford to be worrying about a battery dying at any second. Re-chargeable batteries typically offer a minimum of 12 hours charge, so you know you’re covered all day.

Motorola T92  liGo Best Buy

Motorola’s flagship radio, the T92 is the pinnacle of license-free two-way radios. It’s also a liGo best buy – so you can already tell that we’re big fans of it.

  • Up to 10km range
  • IP67 weatherproof design
  • Emergency alert button
  • 16 hours battery life

Cobra AM655  Long Battery Life

Cobra have a long history in two-way radio manufacturing. The AM655 offers great battery life of up to 20 hours, to make sure you’re covered even on the longest days. It is water resistant, however only with an IPX2 rating, so is more suited to indoor environments.

  • 20 hours battery life
  • IPX2 water resistant
  • Lightweight 45 gram design

Motorola T72  Light & Compact

The Motorola T72 offers a compact set up that packs a punch. Small enough to fit in your pocket, it's ideal if you are not on the radio as much and are looking for something more discreet that still offers reliable comms.

  • IP54 weatherproof
  • Up to 8km range
  • Vox hands-free functionality
  • Compact size

Motorola T62  Budget Friendly

The Motorola T62 offers a budget friendly option. This is simple to set up and use and has a quick pairing button for easy sync with others in the family.

  • Quick pairing button
  • Up to 8km range
  • 16 hours battery life
  • Roger button to confirm messages have been received

If you’re interested in upgrading your comms equipment get in touch with our dedicated business department. We’re always happy to discuss what products would suit your specific business needs and budget. With information on product trialsdemos and our exclusive business discounts.

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