Midland XT30 Two-Way Radios Review

Midland XT30 Review

The Midland XT30 Walkie-Talkie is a brand-new set of two-way radios from a brand that you might not have heard of before. They might not be as big as Motorola, but they still impressed us nevertheless. The Midland XT30 is different from its sister model, the G7 Pro Work Edition, in design and features. The two-way radios are compact and easy-to-use tools for everything you need to communicate up to 6KM. With a 5-hour battery life, they also come with a charging cable. But is it good value for money? We put it to the test in another of our in-depth reviews. Let’s take a closer look!

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As mentioned above, the XT30 design is different from the other Midland model we've reviewed, the G7 Pro. This model is more rectangular with an emerald-green panel on the front of the radio. This does make the radio stand out in colour from the other models, and the brightness of that green makes it a bit easier to spot the radios if you drop them.

The LCD screen has a nice white backlight on the screen, which makes it very easy for you to read what is on the screen, in less-than-optimal environments. It would be a big help if you were using the radios at night or in a dark area.

All of the main controls for the Midland XT30 are located in the centre of the radio. This makes this easy to operate even when you are wearing gloves. They aren't that spaced out, so you might find yourself accidentally pressing the wrong button at first. However, if you are used to using this size of two-way radio it will come naturally in time.


The Midland XT30 has all the features one would expect from a set of two-way radios at this price point. The hands-free VOX function works well and you are able to adjust the sensitivity depending on how loud your surroundings are.

The radios come with rechargeable batteries that are powered by a USB cable so you can plug it in quickly to charge, thanks to its USB jack or 2-pin jack. The battery life could be a lot better, with a max battery life of 6 hours. But it is still good to use if you were going on a short hike or during a shift at work then it would be handy. All you would need to do when recharging this walkie talkie is to plug in, and they'll be back to maximum capacity in a couple of hours.
Like many walkie-talkies, these come with removable clips for you to add or remove when you want to use them. You are able to attach these while on the go, to your bag, belt, or anywhere on yourself.


The maximum stated range on the Midland XT30 is 6km, which is a bit shorter than some other Midland models which offer a longer range. We went out and tested the limitations of the range on this XT30. In a city environment with a lot of buildings about, the range dropped to just below 1km, which is still fair for license-free radios. Out in the countryside without any obstructions, the range did spike up a decent amount, so you could expect to achieve about 3km range with a clearer line-of-sight.

Easy to Use

The handset body design sits nicely in the hand when in use. It's easy to reach for the PTT, or push-to-talk button, which is located on the side. As we mentioned earlier, the VOX mode for hands-free use is perfect for when you are not able to hold the radio, or when you are in the middle of something and don’t have time to reach for the PTT. When this is switched on the radio is always listening out, but with the setting you can also adjust the sensitivity for when you're in a noisier environment. We tried it in practice and found it to work really well.

Midland XT30: The Verdict

The Midland XT30 is it a great two-way radio that does the job if you are looking for a budget-friendly mid-range model. Ideal for outdoor or for business, we would recommend it if you are looking for a cost-effective set of radios that still perform well.

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