Gigaset E560A Cordless Phone, Twin Handset with Big Buttons

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Key Features

  • Integrated digital answering machine with up to 25 minutes of recording
  • "Extra loud" key for doubling the handset volume
  • Emergency call key for 4 SOS numbers
  • Additional visual call indication by LED flashes
  • Handsfree mode on the base station

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The Gigaset E560A Premium Cordless Phone with Large Keys and Amplified Volume

The Gigaset E560A Big Button Cordless Phone comes packed with all the features and same crystal clear sound quality as Gigaset’s Premium DECT Phones but with the added benefit of larger keys, display, and an “Extra Loud” key for doubling the volume. Easy to use with a large 1.8” illuminated colour display and plug-and-play installation the Gigaset E560A is the top choice of landline phone for many elderly users.

Gigaset E560A phone side view
Optimised for extra-loud sound

Featuring top-class sound quality and volume that has become synonymous with Gigaset phones, the E560A benefits from optimised acoustics for the hard-of-hearing. An “Extra Loud” key on the side of the handset can be pressed to instantly double the volume, and there is also an integrated loudspeaker. This Gigaset phone is also fully Hearing Aid Compatible.

Big button home phone with illuminated keys
SOS function

This safety feature can give peace of mind for users and friends and family. For making an emergency call using the "A" target key on the handset and base station the E560A will dial up to four different stored contacts with a preinstalled information message. If the first telephone number dialled cannot be reached, the Gigaset E560A automatically calls the next number; an emergency call can be accepted by pressing the number 5 on the called telephone.

Gigaset E560A handset
Phonebook memory

You can store up to 150 names and numbers in the phonebook of the Gigaset E560A. There are also 4 quick-dial keys on the handset for your most important telephone numbers and a redial memory for the last 10 numbers.

Big button landline phone in living room
Call display and alerts

The Gigaset E560A benefits from a Visual Call Display via the screen and flashing light on handset (the- Flashing Green LED "Handset" button) to reduce the chances of missing a call if you don’t hear the ringer. The E560A is Caller ID enabled so you will see the name or number on the display so long as you subscribe to this service with your line provider. There are a variety of ringtone melodies - 19 melodies in the handset - 6 melodies in the base station.

Gigaset home phone in answer machine cradle
Answering machine

There is an integrated digital answering machine with up to 25 minutes of recording time. It is straightforward to access and use from either the handset or base station. There us a message counter on the base station, which indicates how many messages have been left. You can record your own personalised greeting or use a preset message.

Gigaset E560A handset with light

The Gigaset E560A benefits from automatic reduction of the transmitting power depending on the distance between the handset and the base station, and comes with a Radiation-free standby mode. ECO Dect technology also contributes to low energy consumption of the phones due to energy-saving plug-in power adapters.

Gigaset phone in answer machine
Why should you buy this Cordless Phone?

If you need an easy-to-use landline phone with bigger buttons and extra loud volume, the quality of the Gigaset E560A is unsurpassed. It is also one of the more stylish big button phones.

Customer Reviews

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sometimes big buttons don't work real pain

sometimes big buttons don't work real pain

Made in Germany was a big bonus for us ./ Not Chinese!

Well built, good sound quality, and stylish. but not too good for older folk to set up without assistance. Odd annoying features, like no dial tone on pick-up, you have to make a long press on the green button to get one. Loud sound facilities very good, but ring tones somewhat less so. Instruction book rather hard work, but then there are so many options, maybe too many. I think it will suite us fine in time, but it's been fairly hard work setting it up. In summary, it works well enough, but it is rather complicated to set up.

recommended by a friend ~ the phone appears a good piece of kit ~ but expensive

Yet to set to work ~ setting it up is a task. There is a comprehensive user guide / manual ~ 60 pages, in english which is a blessing. Could be simpler if all one needs is a phone / answering machine. The phone is 'sophisticated' ~ a definition of which is ..... 'unnecessarily complicated.'

My Opinion

Phones do not work with power outage (safety issue), so we had to keep a standard phone. If you pickup a call on the standard phone the E560A states missed call. The ring tones are not very good most are music, we have music on in the house most of the time, so they are no use to us. All I wanted was a normal telephone ring tone. I can not check that there is a dialing tone by just pressing the green button like normal phones. The only reason to keep the phones is the sound volume and quality, we put up with the other issues. 230 volt power supplies, we will see how long they last, normally buy only items with 240 volt, as they last.

Just what the doctor ordered!

Nice phone with some useful features, very easy to set up, the emergency feature and quick dial buttons are very convenient. Answering the phone by just picking it up was also useful and not having to search for a button to push if your vision is not so good. All in all very pleased with the purchase.