Highlander Trekker 150 Sleeping Bag

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Key Features

  • Lightweight: Total Weight of 1.1kg
  • Bug Protection: An integrated mosquito head net keeps the pests off so you can sleep safely.
  • Overall Comfort: Made from 400D ripstop and with a super soft lining, this is a comfortable bag that can also handle a bit of rough treatment.
  • Easy Access: A central zip baffle makes for really easy closure whether you’re sleeping in a hammock or on the ground.
  • Seasonality and Design: 2 season, Mummy shaped sleeping bag

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If you’re heading out camping in milder weather you’ll probably be looking to pack light. You need to take kit that gives you the right protection from the elements and overnight temperatures but that keeps your pack as light as possible. Weighing in at just over 1000g, our compact and lightweight mummy sleeping bag the Trekker 150 offers the perfect overnight comfort on warmer weather hiking trips or one of the six balmy nights in the UK! Additional features such as an integrated bug net and central zip baffle for easier hammock access make the Trekker perfect for stuffing in your bag for any hiking and camping trips to warmer climes.
Bug Proof

The mosquito head net is designed to protect your face and neck from insects while you sleep, providing added comfort and protection during camping or backpacking trips in areas with high mosquito activity. The net can be easily deployed or stored away when not in use, and it is made from a fine mesh that allows for good airflow and visibility. It is still recommended to have additional repellent handy due to the nature of British summertime if that is where you going camping.

Travel Ready and Light

The sleeping bag is lightweight, making it easy to carry around during camping or hiking trips. It weighs just 1.1 kg, which is perfect for backpackers who need to pack light. The sleeping bag comes with a compression sack, which allows you to pack it down into a smaller size for easy storage and transportation. The compression sack also helps to protect the sleeping bag from damage and allows for it to be attached on most expedition backpacks, or any other strap compatible travel bag.

Comfort and Durability

The synthetic insulation is designed to provide warmth and comfort while being lightweight and compressible. The outer shell of the sleeping bag is made from durable ripstop polyester. This helps to prevent tearing and abrasion, which can be important for a sleeping bag that will be used in rugged outdoor environments. The inner lining of the sleeping bag is made from soft brushed polyester. This provides a comfortable surface to sleep on and helps to wick moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and warm. The sleeping bag also features a two-way zipper that runs along the entire length of the bag, allowing you to easily get in and out of the bag and also provides ventilation options if you get too warm.

Packed Full of Features

The Trekker 150 sleeping bag also includes a draft collar and a draft tube, which help to keep cold air from entering the bag. There's also an internal pocket for storing small items like a phone or a wallet.

Why Should You Buy This Sleeping Bag?

The Trekker 150 is filled with synthetic insulation, which retains warmth even when wet, and has a mummy shape to help trap heat inside the bag. If you are looking for a sleeping bag for moderate weather conditions that is easy to transport and has useful features, then this sleeping bag from Highlander will be the perfect option for you.

Customer Reviews

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Georgina Mal
Kept out the beasties!

I really liked this, although I have only used it once... and I never felt like I was getting bitten by mosquitos which is very rare! Happy customer.

Entry level

I feel like this is a bag for nice weather but I was comfortable and happy with it. Thumbs up!