Panasonic SD-B2510WXC Automatic Breadmaker in White

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Key Features

  • Enhanced horizontal design to minimise the space taken up on kitchen worktops.
  • 3 Adjustable crust settings
  • Quiet operation
  • 2-hour rapid bread programme
  • 21 automatic programmes including 4 Gluten free

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The SD-B2510 Breadmaker makes your life easier – delivering the best results every day with fresh savoury, sweet and gluten-free breads. Enjoy easy baking with a range of programmes or bread mixes. Freshly baked breads have never tasted better.

Seeded loaf of bread
Tailored to your taste

With the B2510 Breadmaker from Panasonic, you have a kitchen helper that is based on over 35 years of experience and excellence ‒ designed by the creators of the breadmaker. Dual temperature sensors along with a full range of perfectly tuned features ensure you get the bread you crave ‒ always in the best quality.

Breadmaker cooking a loaf of bread
Dual breadmaker temperature sensors make the difference

The best bread quality is thanks to having just the right temperature. Which is why the B2510 uses two built-in sensors to determine both internal and external temperatures to optimise each programme along at every step. Whatever the climate conditions you enjoy the same delicious results every time.

Dough in bread pan of Panasonic SD-B2510WXC
Artisan-style kneading technique

The B2510 brings the bakery to your home kitchen. The secret lies in innovative Panasonic technology, which replicates the kneading techniques of an artisan baker. The unique kneading blade works with the specially placed ribs in the bread pan to deliver the best-tasting bread with the ideal texture.

Gluten-free breadmaker options
Four gluten-free breadmaker options

The B2510 Breadmaker is ideal for people who suffer from gluten intolerance or simply want to eat less gluten. Programmes for gluten-free bread, cake, pizza dough and pasta allow you to leave out allergens without compromising taste.

Bread mix being poured into breadmaker
Easy baking with bread mixes

Simply use the bread mix of your choice, add water and et voila! With the B2510 Breadmakerʼs dedicated programme, fresh bread is easy and hassle-free. The tasty results will wow you and your family.

Bread maker programming options
Up to 21 programmes for easy baking

With up to 21 automatic programmes for you to choose from, you can bake many kinds of bread. Whole wheat, brioche, or even cake, jam and pizza dough ‒ the only limit is your foodie imagination.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Really easy to use and I enjoy the timer function as I can wake up to a fresh Loaf!

Beginner Friendly

This is very beginner friendly! I like that it is easy to clean and I look forward to exploring some new recipes.

P Hughes
Easy to use, bakes great bread!

Great breadmaker! Just follow the recipe and you cant go wrong. Bakes tasty bread every time, highly recommend!