Robens Icefall Pro 900 Sleeping Bag

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Key Features

  • Performance Usability: 3 Season
  • YKK 2-way zip with auto-lock
  • MicroThermo Ball insulation provides superior insulation and compressibility without down's vulnerability to moisture
  • Center zip for easy access and the convenience to partially open when sitting
  • Lightweight: Total Weight of 1.395kg

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The Robens Icefall Pro 900 is a lightweight 3 Season Sleeping Bag that is ideal for backpacking and camping trips. The premium quality synthetic fill provides superior insulation and compressibility without down's vulnerability to moisture. The Icefall Pro benefits from a centre zip for easy access and the convenience to partially open when sitting whilst the 3D hood profile and redefined neck baffle position and profile minimise draughts and heat loss. Robens' shark fin foot box with extra insulation allows the foot to comfortably rest in a natural unrestricted position. At just over 1kg the Robens Icefall Pro 900 is a lightweight, reliable and versatile sleeping bag that won't let you down!

Impressive Insulation

The Icefall Pro 900 sets new standards in insulation technology with its use of 900-fill power down, one of the highest-quality insulating materials available. This premium down provides an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio, offering superior loft and excellent heat retention properties. It creates a cocoon of comfort that effectively shields you from even the most frigid temperatures, allowing you to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.

Expert Design

Robens' commitment to ergonomic design is evident in the Icefall Pro 900. The bag's anatomical shape, tailored to the human body, ensures optimal thermal efficiency and minimizes dead air space, resulting in increased warmth. The hood design, featuring a multi-cord closure system, allows for precise adjustment to achieve a snug fit that locks in warmth and blocks out cold drafts. The innovative trapezoidal foot box provides ample room for foot movement while maintaining thermal efficiency.


Durability is a paramount consideration for outdoor enthusiasts, and the Icefall Pro 900 doesn't disappoint. Its outer shell is crafted from a durable, water-resistant fabric that withstands the rigors of rugged terrain and inclement weather. The reinforced stitching and robust construction ensure that the bag can handle the demands of extended adventures without compromising performance.

Excellent Features

The Icefall Pro 900 goes beyond conventional features with its attention to practical details. The interior pocket offers a convenient storage solution for essential items like a headlamp or a watch, keeping them easily accessible during the night. The two-way zipper allows for efficient ventilation and temperature regulation, granting you control over your sleep environment. Additionally, the zip baffles and insulated draft collar work together to prevent heat loss and create a cosy microclimate within the bag.

Why Should You Buy This Camping Accessory?

Its cutting-edge insulation, meticulous design, thoughtful features, and exceptional durability set it apart from the competition. With the Icefall Pro 900, you can embark on daring winter expeditions, confident in the knowledge that you have chosen a sleeping bag that will keep you warm, comfortable, and fully equipped to tackle the most challenging outdoor environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jessica Aldrich
For the brave

Spending this kind of money is necessary for a top quality 4-seasons bag and it did not disappoint. Thanks liGo!

Mr & Mrs Knight
Luxurious Sleeping Bag

This bag wasn't cheap but I suppose you get what you paid for. Elegant feeling fibre and it was incredibly comfortable in some harsh conditions in the Valley's.

Jaxon Ralston
Winter expeditions

Its warmth is unmatched, providing a sanctuary in the coldest nights. The mummy shape ensures maximum insulation, making it a reliable companion for extreme conditions.

Maxime Detour
Extreme weather now equals extreme comfort

Spent a good 5 days out in the wilderness and this was my companion. Paired with the Icefall Quilt the elements couldn't touch me!