Robens Polarshield 120 Double Sleeping Mat

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Key Features

  • Weight: Total Weight of 4.38kg
  • Design with no cold spots and vertical cut outs and still remaning very lightweight and compact
  • Small vertical offset cut-outs on both sides of the mat are made to reduce weight and have a high even isolation
  • Robens Peak Valve with one-way technology and very high airflow properties
  • Very environment friendly design with no foam waste from the cut out

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The Robens Polarshield 120 Double Sleeping Mat is a high-quality and versatile sleeping mat designed for couples or those seeking extra space and comfort during outdoor adventures. With its advanced insulation, durable construction, and thoughtful features, the Polarshield 120 Double Sleeping Mat offers a cosy and restful sleep experience for outdoor enthusiasts exploring cold weather environments.

Quality Design

The Robens Polarshield 120 Double Sleeping Mat is specifically engineered for cold weather use, providing exceptional insulation and thermal efficiency. It features a combination of open-cell foam and aluminium film, which work together to trap and reflect body heat, minimizing heat loss to the ground. This insulation helps keep you and your partner warm and comfortable throughout the night, even in freezing temperatures.

Durable Design

Crafted with durability in mind, the Polarshield 120 Double Sleeping Mat is constructed with high-quality materials that ensure longevity and reliability in outdoor settings. The tough ripstop polyester fabric on the top surface prevents tears and damage from rough terrain, while the non-slip fabric on the bottom side keeps the mat securely in place during sleep.

Comfortable Sleep

The Polarshield 120 Double Sleeping Mat provides ample space and comfort for two people. Its generous dimensions offer room for couples or those desiring extra space, allowing for a comfortable and undisturbed sleep experience. The mat's contoured design and generous thickness provide excellent support and cushioning, relieving pressure points and ensuring a restful night's sleep.

Packed with Features

Robens has incorporated convenient features into the Polarshield 120 Double Sleeping Mat to enhance its usability. It features a self-inflating design, allowing for easy setup and adjustment. The mat expands and fills with air automatically, and additional manual inflation or deflation can be done using the included valve for personalized comfort preferences. The quick-release valve facilitates fast and efficient deflation and pack-up, while the included stuff sack provides compact storage and easy transportation.

Why Should You Buy This Sleeping Mat?

In summary, the Robens Polarshield 120 Double Sleeping Mat is a reliable and comfortable choice for couples or those desiring extra space and insulation in cold weather conditions. Its advanced insulation, durable construction, generous dimensions, and self-inflating feature make it an excellent companion for cold weather outdoor adventures. With its convenience features and thermal efficiency, the Polarshield 120 Double Sleeping Mat provides a cozy and restful sleep experience, allowing you and your partner to enjoy comfort and warmth during your outdoor expeditions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michael Fratelli
Comfortable night's sleep

Never used inflatable mats before, always thought they were a little useless. I can safely say that Robens have converted me and I will never camp without it now.

Reggie Quincey
Automatic inflation

I just loved that this mat inflated automatically and then, with a little bit of added manual infaltion, it was strudy and ready to be used in minutes! Amazing.

Mr John Peebles
Survived tough terrain

We pitched on a bit of a slope, with jagged rocks surrounding our base. For the kids, we used this mat and they were completely protected. Really impressed and would say this is extremeley safe for multiple uses.

Courtney Miller
Big enough for the three of us!

Me, my wife and our 5-year-old could squeeze on this mat when the weather took an turn. Granted, we are not the biggest but worth a mention! Thanks for the advise liGo!

Samuel A Barker
Warm even in freezing conditions

Overnight, we were camping in -4/-5 conditions. We could not believe the heat retention of this sleeping mat. It protected us from the frozen ground. 5/5