Robens Polarshield 120 Sleeping Mat

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Key Features

  • Lightweight: Total Weight of 2.4kg
  • Static side fabric for better 3D shape and easier inflation
  • Carrybag included
  • Design with no cold spots and vertical cut outs and still remaining very lightweight and compact
  • Very environment friendly design with no foam waste from the cut out

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The Robens Polarshield 120 is a high-quality sleeping mat designed to provide insulation and comfort during outdoor adventures, particularly in cold weather conditions. With its advanced materials, innovative design, and thermal properties, the Polarshield 120 offers a cosy and restful sleep experience for campers and hikers exploring chilly environments.

Quality Design

The Robens Polarshield 120 sleeping mat is specifically engineered for cold weather use, providing excellent insulation and thermal efficiency. Its advanced construction includes a combination of open-cell foam and aluminium film, which work together to trap and reflect body heat, minimizing heat loss to the ground. This insulation helps keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night, even in freezing temperatures.

Materials Matter

The sleeping mat features a durable and robust construction, ensuring longevity and reliability in outdoor settings. The ripstop polyester fabric on the top surface enhances durability, preventing tears and damage from rough terrain. The bottom side is made of a non-slip fabric, keeping the mat in place during sleep and preventing any unwanted sliding or movement.

Supreme Comfort

The Polarshield 120 sleeping mat is designed with comfort in mind. Its contoured shape and generous thickness provide excellent support and cushioning, relieving pressure points and ensuring a comfortable sleep surface. The self-inflating design allows for easy setup and adjustment, as the mat expands and fills with air automatically. Additional manual inflation or deflation can be done with the included valve for personalized comfort preferences.


Robens has also prioritized convenience in the design of the Polarshield 120 sleeping mat. It features a quick-release valve, allowing for fast and efficient deflation and pack-up. The included stuff sack provides compact storage and easy transportation, making it a practical choice for backpacking and camping adventures.

Why Should You Buy This Sleeping Mat?

In summary, the Robens Polarshield 120 sleeping mat is a reliable and comfortable choice for campers and hikers seeking insulation and comfort in cold weather conditions. Its advanced insulation, durable construction, contoured design, and self-inflating feature make it an excellent companion for chilly outdoor adventures. With its convenience features and thermal efficiency, the Polarshield 120 sleeping mat offers a cosy and restful sleep experience, ensuring that you can recharge and enjoy your outdoor pursuits even in the coldest of temperatures.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ian Buck
Very comfortable

Delivery was very fast, product well packed.

When I first opened it up it seemed like it was not inflating properly but I have no idea how long it had been packed up so left it a couple of days and laid on it a few times and it filled out nicely. Now it fills out quicker. I want this for motorcycle touring so weight isn’t really an issue and this packs small enough to not be a problem. It is comfortable without extra air even for side sleeping and I’m a bit heavier than I should be , I’m also 6’4” and it works great for me. Additional air really makes it perfect. I’m very happy, it was between this and the Big Agnes Captain Comfort, I can’t imagine that being any better even though it is more expensive. Hopefully it will last many seasons.

Henry Winters
Set up on a slope

As the title says, we had to camp on a ridge and this mat said it wouldn't slide. Initially, didn't believe this but I have been proven wrong. Great purchase!

Sandra Spadaro
Packs down seemlessly

I try to minimize my pack weight and this inflatable mat was ideal for my needs. Great instructions included too.

Magnus Aardsvik
Great support, a little small

I thought the construction and feel of this mat was brilliant but it was too small for me I just felt I could roll off at any time. Still, great quality and exchanged for the double version.