Top 10 Best DAB Radios

Top 10 Best DAB Radios

We have tested every DAB radio in the UK to separate the best from the worst models.

DAB radio has now overtaken FM to become the UK's most popular format. To meet all that demand, there are countless models for consumers to choose from. But with all that choice comes one big problem: how do you know which model is right for you? Not to worry, though- liGo are here to make that choice a little easier. We’ve scoured the world of DAB radios and road-tested a huge range of products to come up with our Top 10 list. Read on, and discover which ones really made us sit up and listen.

Whenever a new DAB radio hits the market, our experts are quick to test out how it performs. We can then give you an honest opinion on whether these new DAB radios are worth your consideration, or if they aren’t quite up to our high standards. Our Best DAB radios list is updated several times throughout the year so that you can be sure all of the models on the list are the most current and up to date. So, read on to discover our best DAB radio picks!

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When it comes to DAB radios, customers are spoilt for choice. With hundreds of models on the market, how do you know which is the right one for you? At liGo, we test every new DAB radio to hit the market. We then narrow down all the options to present you with the very best models!

Why buy a digital radio?

There are plenty of reasons to make the switch to digital. For one thing, DAB offers so much more choice than FM. With over double the amount of stations available, you’ll be able to tune in to a whole new world of music and talk radio. What’s more, it generally provides a more reliable reception than FM. With steady coverage for over 97% of the population, and more people tuning in than ever, the future is most certainly digital. If you’re still using an FM model, then you are also missing out on superior sound quality.

That’s not all that DAB radio has to offer, either. All of the models here come with FM as well, and almost all of them have Bluetooth connectivity. That means you can stream music direct from your smartphone or tablet. If you’ve got a bit more money to spend, then some of the more high-end models come loaded with extra features. Most notably, several entries on our list also include internet radio functionality. This allows you to tune in to tens of thousands of online stations from all over the world.

How do we choose our Top 10?

Before sourcing any product, our experts carry out in-depth tests on them. That way, we can ensure they meet our high standards. With DAB radios, we look for superb sound quality above all else. After all, what use is a radio if it doesn’t provide a great listening experience. We believe that it is this which separates the average digital radio from a truly outstanding one. We also assess build quality, to find out if each model is built to last. Lastly, we aim to provide a wide selection of different radios on our list. Whether you’re looking to spend a little or a lot, we’ve got you covered. If a radio has made our Top 10 list, then you can rest assured that it is well worth your money.

How to Choose the Right Digital Radio - Our 4 top tips to consider:

If you’re looking for a new digital radio, then you’ll naturally want to get the best value for money. To help you make the right decision, we’ve identified the 4 most important features that make an exceptional DAB Radio:

Sound Quality

Sound quality is by far the most important thing to look for. More expensive models will often sound better than cheaper ones, but this isn’t always the case. We’ve come across some radios that cost hundreds of pounds, but whose sound leaves a lot to be desired. On the other hand, we’ve sound some excellent models for as little as £60, so it definitely pays to do some research. We invite our customers to review the DAB Radios we sell, and regularly test and review new models on our blog. You’ll find a round up of our current Best Buys in our Top 10. We pride ourselves on being specialists in DAB Radios and are only a call, email or livechat away if you need us!


The last thing you want to do is order your brand-new radio, get it out the box and set up only to find that the reception is patchy. At liGo, we test the strength of each radio’s receiver in a range of real-world tests. If a certain model isn't capable of receiving a weak signal, it won't be any good in your home- so we won’t stock it. DAB coverage has improved massively over the past decade, with a strong signal for around 97% of the population. But there are still pockets of geographical areas where you will struggle to get a consistently clear signal regardless of how good your radio..


Consider how and where you’ll want to use your new radio. Will it sit in the same space in a particular room in your home? Or would you like the flexibility to move it around so you can enjoy DAB broadcasts in the garden? Most Portable DAB Radios come with a battery compartment so that they can be used without being connected to a power socket. If you are interested in portability, other design features include carry handles and additional battery packs. However, if you are planning to use your radio in a larger room or in a fixed location then a bigger, more premium model may be a better option. These models will generally offer better sound quality than portable DAB radios.

Bluetooth, Wifi & Internet Radio

This is a must-have if you’d like to be able to wirelessly stream music from your mobile, tablet or laptop. Bluetooth DAB Radios essentially double up as a wireless speaker, to really open up your listening options. If you use Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube then a model with Bluetooth is a smart choice. Internet radio has become increasingly popular in recent years, with tens of thousands of stations to choose from. The great thing about internet radio is that it lets you tune in to stations from all over the world. If you’d like to explore all that the web has to offer, from authentic Jamaican reggae stations to German techno, then make sure you pick up a radio with wifi functionality built-in.

Additional features to look out for:

Not all DAB Radios are built equal and manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to make their radios stand out. Here are some of the best special features to look out for that might just swing it for you:

Multi-room speaker compatibility: this feature allows you to synchronise your DAB radio with other wireless speakers in your home for a multi-room listening experience.

CD player: if you’ve got an extensive CD collection in your home, or want to consolidate multiple audio devices into one, then a smart DAB Radio with CD player is a great choice. There are some spectacular models to choose from, but they tend to be a bit more expensive than most.

Alarm: virtually all DAB radios come with an alarm alarm setting. But if you are looking for a bedside radio, then this will naturally be a more important feature to consider. It’s therefore well worth looking into this before making your decision.

Remote control: don’t assume that your radio will come with a remote. Even some high-end sets lack this feature. If you’d like to be able to adjust the volume or stations from the comfort of your seat then make sure the model you choose has one included.

USB port: a nice feature for bedside radios is an integrated USB port. This will let you can charge your phone without having to use up another plug socket by your bed.